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1 Post A Day Challenge – Entry #31

This is not a love story. As much as I would want to write mine, I can’t. I’ve been meaning to write a love story (probably fiction) but I think I need more life experience as material to pull that off. It has been mentioned in previous posts and it’s not really a secret that I’ve never had a boyfriend. Nope. Zero. Nada. I am the poster girl for NBSBs (No Boyfriend Since Birth) or SSBs (Single Since Birth). I have been called an idealist and sometimes I even get scolded for having “high standards”. It’s not that high, really. They’re just plain standards. Some even asked me if I was a lesbian, which for the record and for the sake of any of my parents who might read this someday, I am NOT. I’m as straight as a ruler. Mmkay?

I’d like to blame puberty for my current relationship status. You see, while puberty has been good to other girls by making them taller and rounder/curvy and even giving them boobies in high school. I, on other hand, was given pimples (TONS!), retainers (for the first 3 years), braces (during senior year! cause my teeth relapsed, darn it!), glasses, and bad hair. Yup, I was everything BUT pretty. Okay I wasn’t THAT bad but the competition for boy attention was stiff. I mean, I didn’t really had a problem talking to boys. I actually have a lot of friends who are boys so I guess I’m pretty likable. The thing with being one of the boys in high school is that you’re pretty much in the friend zone whether you liked it or not. You get to be the one they hang out and have a ball with but they end up going to the prom or dating one of your girl friends. In junior year, I sat beside my ultimate crush but the only spark that I saw fly was the one coming from the socket when he plugged in the fan when the AC in our classroom broke down. That was it for me. The dream was over. High school boys (and even girls, i must say) are superficial. We wouldn’t admit it but there is some truth to that.

College seemed to be promising. No more braces. Less pimples. Better hair, fashion, and even perspective. Unfortunately, college boys are still if not more superficial. In high school, I was the friendly one. In college, I was the smart one so I came off as intimidating. I never really got the point why some girls dumb themselves down until then. Come to think of it, I was popular with the boys back then too because I was friends with the pretty girls (hanging out with me meant they get to hang out with my girls too. haha!), I was witty, and I never ran out of random stuff to talk about which came in handy during long breaks. Eventually, some people noticed me. Shocker. Unfortunately, I was a little too convinced that I wasn’t likable… in a romantic way. I know. I’m such an insecure awkward teenage girl. I’ve been told by guys that the problem with me was that I was too cool. Can you believe that. I was never cool and now I was too much. Anyway, I was told that I was the type that they’d hang out with but wouldn’t date so basically I end up in the friend zone. Again. What kind of sick and twisted analogy is that. So by the time they realized that they like me like me, it would be too late because they’re already in my friend zone and that would just be weird for everybody involved.

I think there are varying reasons for my single status. There are the confidence issues from way back when, the case of over thinking things (Urgh. I am the worst over thinker), and the fact that (I hate to admit this) I’m just scared of getting hurt. You know heart aches are not exclusive to people in relationships, I know how it feels. I’ve had my small share of those too. I really do. Maybe my friends are right about me looking at the whole love situation in a different perspective. I think I’ve heard too many sob stories that may have caused me to over analyze things. Maybe I’m reading too much into this. I think, I’m single because of the very simple reason that maybe it isn’t time yet. You know. Love shouldn’t be rushed. Right? I’d like to think that there is somebody out there for everybody. I’ll meet my guy. What’s the rush, right?


This is the last entry for the month. YAAAAAY! My 1PAD Challenge is a success! Thank you for reading. 🙂


Table for One

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1 Post A Day Challenge – Entry #30

I hate eating alone in public. It seemed sad to eat among groups of people chatting away and laughing with their fast food and coño accents. When I think about it, I probably got that “trauma” way back in high school. Freshman year, I got into a word war with a pushy classmate and I ended up eating lunch alone while they stared and obviously whispered about me. So yeah, I think that’s where I got that from.

Anyway, I finally faced that “fear” and have been eating out alone for a couple of days. I actually don’t have a choice. The job hunt has pushed me to do it. It’s either I eat alone or faint because of hunger. The other day, I ate at this pasta place I really liked. I was seated beside two girls chatting loudly in between spoonfuls of ravioli.

Girl 1: It was like a double date like the four of us.

Girl 2: (Nodding)

Girl 1: Kaya lang he lives like far from me. So where are we gonna go for the next date?

Girl 2: Oh yeah! That’s like suuuuper difficult.

Girl 1: I know right?!

Ermahgerd! Like seriously?! Haha. I know I shouldn’t be eavesdropping but as much as I don’t want to hear it, they were really loud. Plus, I didn’t get anything from that conversation so I guess it doesn’t count as eavesdropping at all. Today’s solo lunch was a bit better. I sat near the windows and people watched. Eating alone was sort of therapeutic, I guess. Much like the walk-a-thon I blogged about a few days ago. Before, in school we all had the impression that being alone is sad because we all equated happiness to the number of people who were around us or the friends (whether true or not) who sat with us during lunch. Back then, it didn’t matter if the “friends” you were with actually cared about what you think and actually got to know you. What was important was that you laughed along with their not funny jokes, you seemed interested about who’s dating who, and the fact that you belonged in a group (thus, the sad truth about cliques).

It’s an emotional/psychological breakthrough, isn’t it? Once again, I am reminded of the importance of spending time with yourself. I have a lot of friends and I love them a lot but sometimes I need to take a break from being the clown or the therapist and just sit there, eat a good meal, and not be thinking about which topics to talk about next while we finish our cheese burgers. Just plain comfortable silence.

Job Hunt Diaries Episode 3: Survival Kit


1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #29

The job hunt resumes. Today, I was bored to death in an uncomfortable waiting area. Once called, I put on my best applicant smile and wowed the interviewer (I hope I did wow her with that tooth paste commercial worthy smile!). Then I took this test. A quality checking activity and an abstract test. I generally feel good about it but I missed this question:

9N 8E 7S 6S __?

If you happen to know the answer to that please put it in the comments section below. Anyway, as I was waiting for the interview and the test to happen there were a lot of lull moments. I was a yawning machine so I had to hide my face in my folder.

As I was fighting my drowsiness in between yawns, I got the chance to people watch (cause there was a lot) and size up the competition. There are indeed many people in search of a job. It kinda motivated me to do better knowing that there are at least 5 people vying for one position. By sitting there and watching people come and go, I was a little entertained by some who were like lost puppies. There are those who are assertive and asks questions right away and then there are those who stands there, lingers, and looks around for about 15 minutes before asking the front desk about what to do. There are also chatty applicants who love small talk and then there are the unprepared ones. The ones who forget to bring pens and asks to borrow yours after which subconsciously makes you hurry up because somebody’s waiting on you (at least that’s how I feel).

Anyway, as I sat there bored with a grumbling stomach, I thought of a couple of things that a professional applicant should have during the job hunt. I shall call it:


1. You should always have a valid ID with you. I know this kinda sounds dumb but I remember back when we were fresh grads most of us only have the school IDs which are not exactly valid because, well, we graduated already. Some of my friends had to bargain with guards using their ATM cards and whatnot.

2. Always bring a PEN… That writes. Bringing a pen is good but make sure that it still writes. This has happened to me before. I brought 2 pens and both of them failed me. Major face palm moment.

3. Mints or candies. We underestimate these little sweets but when you’ve been waiting for an hour with a grumbling stomach these babies will save you from getting ulcers. Plus breath mints prevent us from bad breath which is so easy to get especially if you’ve been sitting there not talking for the longest time. First impressions are important and you wouldn’t want the interviewer to think that you ate garbage for breakfast, right?

4. Bring a book or a listening device to pass the time. This actually helps with the boredom. I used to bring a book with me during these situations but the kind of books I read are more on the heavy side so I decided on just bringing my iPod with me. I just make sure that I can still hear the people around me so that I can hear if it’s my turn or if the building is on fire.

5. Last but not the least, bring your TONGUE and COMMON SENSE. Job hunting entails a lot of patience, perseverance, and most of all common sense. There are some people who are hesitant in asking questions. Maybe because the connotation is that if you don’t know things you’re stupid. What we don’t know is that asking questions is way better than not asking and then looking totally stupid. I used to be shy about asking for directions and asking questions with interviews but then I realized that getting lost and being clueless is far more worst. Do yourself a favor, save the time and effort, ask questions and you’ll get far.

Congratulations, you are now armed with the knowledge for surviving the job hunt. Hopefully, we all find that oh so elusive job that we want. Good luck! 🙂


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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #28

Tonight we’ll be going to a wake. I don’t kn0w him really but still so we’ll be going to express our condolences. I’ve always been afraid of dying and of having people I know die. I know it’s inevitable and that we can’t all live forever but just the thought of losing somebody you love or even know is just… heartbreaking.

People die because of different reasons. Some die of illnesses, others in unfortunate accidents, and there are those who take take their own lives. I feel bad for those who suffer for long periods of time battling different diseases. Although it is not easy to continue living after the doctors have told you that your days are numbered it’s still better than having to die suddenly in unfortunate accidents. At least you still have time to say goodbye to your loved ones. Accidental deaths are instantaneous but are equally sad. I think having died from illness makes it easier for people to accept the loss. The thought of them not having to experience pain is enough for people to accept the fact that they have gone to a better place.

Hearing stories of people taking their own lives is worst. It really saddens me because those people might really be having seriously bad problems that they think that the only solution to it is dying. Most people who take their lives are burdened with problems that they were not able to share or talk to somebody about. It piled inside them that they can’t take it anymore so to stop them from feeling pain or sadness they take their lives. It is very unfortunate because the deceased will leave the family and friends in grief and guilt. They’ll be haunted with the questions of why, what-ifs, and if-onlys.

I am saddened by the passing of people especially those close to us but I am even more saddened by the fact there are some people who die because they took their own lives. I hope that we are always reminded that life is wonderful however hard or sad our lives may be. Problems are called problems because they have solutions. Taking matters into our own hands is not a solution. Be strong and remain faithful. Remember that however bad a situation is, it will change.

Hoy! Pinoy Ako.

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #27

Bilang pag-gunita sa Araw ng mga Bayani (National Heroes’ Day) at Buwan ng Wika, ang entry na ito ay isusulat ko sa wikang Filipino. (In line with the celebration of the National Heroes’ and Month of the Philippine Language, this entry will be written in Filipino.)

Ako ay labis na nagagalak sapagkat sa loob ng ilang araw ay matatapos na rin ang aking Mini Project na 1 Post A Day Challenge (1PAD Challenge) para sa buwan ng Agosto. Sa puntong ito, nais kong magpasalamat sa lahat ng bumasa at tumangkilik sa blog na ito. Ngunit bago natin talakayin ang paksa ngayong araw, nais kong ipabatid na isusulat ko ang entry na ito sa impormal na Filipino sapagkat… Wit ko na keri kumuda ng pormal di ko na kaya mag-pormal pero susubukan ko pa rin. Pangako! (I swear!)

Ang araw na ito ay para sa pag-alala sa mga bayani ng ating bayan. Ako ay isang proud Filipino. Sa kabila ng kaliwa’t kanang katarantaduhan at kung anu ano pang ekis ang nagaganap dito sa bayan natin. Nandyan yung isyu ng plagiarism ni Senator Tito Sotto na tungkol sa RH Bill at ang wagas na pagtatanggol sa kanya ng mga bogs tanga tanga nyang abogado. Yung mga di matapos tapos na isyu ng korapsyon sa pamahalaan. Ang perwisyong nakuha natin matapos ang pag-dalaw ng habagat at mga bagyo. Siguro mapapa-isip ang iba kung bakit sa kabila ng lahat ng ito ay hindi na lang ako mangibang bansa at dali daling mag-apply ng panibagong citizenship.

Kahit kailan ay hindi ko naisip na lumisan dito sa ating bansa kahit na mahirap ang buhay dito. Hindi man kasing-unlad ng mga first world countries at kahit madalas i-bully ng mga Chekwa tungkol sa Scarborough Shoal at kung ano ano pa eh gugustuhin ko pa ring maging Pinoy. Bakit kamo? Heto ang mga dahilan kung bakit:

5 Dahilan Kung Bakit Ako PROUD Pinoy

1. Ang mga Pinoy ay natural na masayahin.

Kahit sa harap ng mga pagsubok nakukuha nating ngumiti. Sa tuwing mag-babalita ng tungkol sa bagyo, makikita mo ang footages ng mga nasalanta at mga stranded sa kanilang mga bubong na basa sa ulan ngunit nakatawang kumakaway sa camera. Ang unang hakbang sa pag-sagot sa mga problema ay ngiti sa mga labi. Sa tingin ko, likas tayong optimistic dahil nga sanay tayo sa hirap.

2. Ang mga Pinoy ay may matatag na pananampalataya.

86% ng populasyon ay Katoliko/Kristiyano. Pilipinas na lang ang bansa sa buong Asya ang naniniwala sa Kristiyanismo/Katolisismo. Tayo na nga lang ang walang divorce. Mabibilib ka din sa debosyon ng mga tao lalo na sa Poong Nazareno sa Quiapo at mga pistang laan para sa mga santo.  Naniniwala akong makapangyarihan ang panalangin sabi nga ng isa kong kaibigan “prayers can move mountains“.

3. Ang mga Pinoy ay mahusay sa larangan ng Sports, Sining, at iba pa.

Jose Rizal, Cory Aquino, Manny Pacquiao, Lea Salonga, Monique Lhuillier. Ilan lang sila sa maraming Pilipino na nagbibigay ng karangalan sa ating bansa sa iba’t ibang larangan. Sila ay isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit dapat mong ipagmalaki ang iyong pagka-Pilipino.

4. Ang mga Pinoy ay hospitable (hindi ko maisip kung ano ang direct translation. sorry naman. :D).

Isa sa mga sikat na traits ng mga Pinoy ang pagiging hospitable. Naaalala ko tuloy ang lola ko. Kahit na sapat lang ang pagkain sa hapag kainan yayayain pa rin ang mga bisita na sumalo sa pagkain. Kahit na wala ng pwesto para matulugan patutuluyin pa rin ang bisita. Kahit kapos handang magtiis sa ngalan ng pagtulong sa kapwa.

5. Ang Pilipinas ay puno ng magagandang tanawin at masasarap na pagkain.

Kamakailan lamang ang Puerto Princesa Underground River ay naging kabilang na ng New 7 Wonders of the World. Dito rin matatagpuan ang magagandang beaches at marami pang tourist destinations na dinadayo ng mga turista. Hindi lang yan, dito rin sa Pilipinas makikita ang pinaka-masarap na mangga at iba’t iba pang masasarap ng delicacies.

Matapos ang ilang siglo sa ilalim ng mga Kastila, ilang dekada sa ilalim ng mga Hapon at ng mga Amerikano, nakamit natin ang kasarinlan at nakabangon tayo dahil sa mga bayaning ginugunita natin ngayon. Kaya sadyang nakaka-proud maging Pinoy. Ilan lang yan sa mga dahilan kung bakit masaya sa Pilipinas at kung bakit mas masayang maging Pilipino. Totoo nga, it’s more fun in the Philippines.


Debbie’s Take On Optimism

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #26

I sometimes think that we all have an alter ego called, Debbie. Debbie Downer. No matter how positive of a person we are. There will always be that day or sometimes even days when we just don’t feel like putting that happy face and be all cheerful. It dawned on me that optimism is like a pack of batteries. It runs out. The question is, how do you recharge it? Or where do we get more of this optimism?

Whenever I feel down, it’s probably caused by my over thinking, I try to do things that’ll help me forget or make me realize that sulking is so not attractive. I deal with my inner Debbie Downer with lots of junk food, loud angst-y tunes, re-runs of old TV shows, old school hang-out with childhood friends, and a good ‘ol pep talk with my mom. It’s a hypocrisy to say that we all feel good about our lives all the time. It’s just not possible. It’s human nature to be always on the look out for something better (not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just… true). I think we all fall into crappy moods and feel bad about how our life is going or how it’s not going.

I think optimism, just like happiness, is a choice. Sure we draw strength from friends and family but it’s basically on us. Optimism is a state of mind. It’s choosing to look on the bright side and counting your blessings. It’s okay to feel a little pessimistic. I think it’s natural to feel that at times. Dwelling in it is a different story. Maybe optimism is not like batteries after all. I think it’s more like the sun. It goes out to give way to the dark – cause it’s necessary and it’s part of the natural cycle – but it always comes back.


Three People You Meet In… The Grocery

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #25

I went grocery shopping with my parents today. My brother is usually the one who goes with them but he’s somewhere doing something for his wedding so I’m on duty for parents-sitting. 🙂 I hate going to the grocery. I know it’s something that girls should be delighted to do because it’s a sort of shopping but I don’t like it very much. It’s not really because of the task but mostly because of the people you shop with.

3 Types of Grocery Shoppers

1. Slowpokes

People tend to pace themselves in the grocery which is perfectly fine, I think. Sometimes though, it gets irritating because, really, how long does it take for you to decide which cooking oil or detergent you’re gonna get. They really take their time and end up hogging a portion of the isle.

2. Child Laborers

You can’t blame parents who bring kids to the grocery. They have their reasons, maybe there are no sitters or it’s a family thing, it don’t know but what sucks is if they can’t control their kids. I especially hate it when they allow their kids to push the carts. It’s too big or too heavy (if it’s already full) for them. They’ll just end up banging someone’s knees or roll over somebody’s toes. Imagine the cart as your car, would you allow your kids to drive it? It’s a grocery not a play ground. Sheesh.

3. Carefree Peeps

The isles in the grocery stores are not as big as we all would like it to be. It usually just fits 2 carts for a 2-way traffic along isles. It pisses me off when the people just leave their carts in the middle of the isle to get whatever it is that they’re getting. They just don’t give a shiz. Then they create an obstruction in the isle and causes, can you believe it, traffic. Traffic inside the grocery, great, as if we don’t have enough of that outside.

I just don’t get it why some people are the way they are. Some even have their grandparents, who can barely walk, with them inside the grocery. Seriously?! I feel bad that they have to walk through every isle with their canes and with the speed of 2 out of 5. There are also these kids who are on the verge of throwing a fit. When they finally do. It’s a spectacle, seeing a child kicking and screaming because their mom didn’t get them that cereal or that candy bar. Maybe grocery shopping is fun. There’s action, drama, and comedy! I mean you get to see people make a fool out of themselves with their slight lapse in etiquette and the kids publicly humiliate their parents. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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