1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #26

I sometimes think that we all have an alter ego called, Debbie. Debbie Downer. No matter how positive of a person we are. There will always be that day or sometimes even days when we just don’t feel like putting that happy face and be all cheerful. It dawned on me that optimism is like a pack of batteries. It runs out. The question is, how do you recharge it? Or where do we get more of this optimism?

Whenever I feel down, it’s probably caused by my over thinking, I try to do things that’ll help me forget or make me realize that sulking is so not attractive. I deal with my inner Debbie Downer with lots of junk food, loud angst-y tunes, re-runs of old TV shows, old school hang-out with childhood friends, and a good ‘ol pep talk with my mom. It’s a hypocrisy to say that we all feel good about our lives all the time. It’s just not possible. It’s human nature to be always on the look out for something better (not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just… true). I think we all fall into crappy moods and feel bad about how our life is going or how it’s not going.

I think optimism, just like happiness, is a choice. Sure we draw strength from friends and family but it’s basically on us. Optimism is a state of mind. It’s choosing to look on the bright side and counting your blessings. It’s okay to feel a little pessimistic. I think it’s natural to feel that at times. Dwelling in it is a different story. Maybe optimism is not like batteries after all. I think it’s more like the sun. It goes out to give way to the dark – cause it’s necessary and it’s part of the natural cycle – but it always comes back.