The TV Guilty Pleasures

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Feb-ulous Challenge Day 16

I love teen-oriented shows. :))

While some people love to watch telenovelas/teleseryes, I, on the other hand, love to watch teen-oriented series (or any series actually) syndicated from the States. Ever since we got cable service, I seldom watch locally produced series anymore unless I really really liked the actors playing the characters.

I guess, the stories of the local series have become very formulaic and every single protagonist is a victim of poverty, power hungry dudes, evil relatives who want them dead, and god forbid, amnesia! Foreign series appeal to me more especially the teen-oriented ones because it’s a glimpse of what their culture is like. It’s cool how we are from a different place and culture and yet the teens everywhere deal with the same issues.

My Top 3 Favorite Teen-Oriented Shows

1 – One Tree Hill


I loved this show! Mostly because of Peyton and Lucas. They just look so great together. The show is about high school and basketball. The story’s lead character Lucas has a thing for Peyton who is the girlfriend or soon to be ex-girlfriend of  his estranged half-brother, Nathan who lives with their douche-y dad, Dan who killed his brother Keith who has a thing for Lucas’ mom. That is not even half of what’s going on in Tree Hill. The people are so complicated with all their anger, issues, and insecurities that you cannot not stay tuned every single week. Oh they have an awesome soundtrack too!

2 – Gossip Girl

xoxo, gossip girl

xoxo, gossip girl

The kids of the upper east side. This is one of the shows I didn’t expect to love but Blair Waldorf, although a spoiled brat and a major bitch, is so pretty that you love to hate her cruel ways and just love her, her headbands, and her nanny: Dorota. She is best friends with Serena Van Der Woodsen, the scandalous wild child of the upper east side. Their friendship is tested by a beautiful boy named, Nate Archibald (I so love NATE!!!) who is best friends with Chuck Bass who hates on Dan Humphrey, a poor kid who happens to live in a rich kid’s world together with all these spoiled rich kids. Everything they do or don’t do is either text blasted or posted on an online gossip page by, tada, Gossip Girl. The fashion is great and the soundtrack too but the best part of the show, I must say, is the complicated relationships and ridiculous drama among these rich and beautiful teenagers who live in New York. I mean, are they or are they not gonna end up with each other? Is the ex-boyfriend going to be a step-brother? It’s sooo crazy, you gotta watch it.

3 – Glee

images (1)

Okay. I know haters gon hate but I love Glee. I mean what’s not to love? It’s a show that talks about teen issues like cliques, bullying, peer pressure, and teen pregnancy with humor and then everybody suddenly bursts into a full on production number. It’s awesome! It’s well-written, funny, and the songs are great. They have talented actors who pull it off even if they don’t look like high school kids I am sold. I even have the songs in my Ipod and sometimes I think their versions are better than the original. Kudos, Ryan Murphy!

If there’s something I don’t like about these TV shows, it would be, well, the characters don’t look like high school kids at all. In every single one of those shows, every body gets with every body. The hook-ups make every thing else more complicated. It does work on some story lines though but in some shows it just makes some characters skanky. On the other hand, maybe that’s what makes the show interesting. The complicated stories (some engaging others totally irritating) and eye candies are definitely the reasons why these shows are such guilty pleasures.


The Cartoon-Loving Kid Inside. :)

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Feb-ulous Challenge Day 12

I love cartoons!

Just like any kid of the 90’s, I grew up in front of the television. I still think that we had awesome cartoon back then unlike today but that’s just me.

Before we got cable service, we’d watch cartoons in local channels at their usual time slots. Mornings around 8 to 10 and afternoons around 3 to 5. Here are some of my favorite childhood cartoon shows:

1. Mojacko.

Mojari, Mojaru, & Mojacko. Aren't they the cutest? :)

Mojari, Mojaru, & Mojacko. Aren’t they the cutest? 🙂

It’s a cute story that features 3 cute and very round characters. They’re actually siblings named Mojacko, Mojari, and Mojari. They would always say “Moja, Moja” and the villains name is Momonja who says “Mon, Mon”. These characters from another planet comes to earth and befriends Sorao and Miki.

2. Johnny Bravo.

I loved Johnny Bravo to the point of buying merch like shirts. Now looking back, I don’t think he was a great role model for young boys to watch. He was actually a womanizer, right? But i guess, it works. I for one was hooked watching him make a fool of himself. I don’t know, I guess the charms of this “handsome”, macho, airhead worked on me as a kid. Although, he did love his mama so I tuned in every morning and watched him chase after girls, be superficial, and just be Johnny Bravo.

3. Dexter’s Lab.

“Omellette Du Fromage” aaaah, the only phrase Dexter could say after trying to learn french overnight. I loved this cartoon maybe because my relationship with my brother was like Dexter’s and Dee Dee’s. Minus the exploding laboratory, of course. My favorite episode would have to be the one where Dee Dee transformed into the pink car. :))

4. The Little Lulu Show.

“Little lulu, little lulu, with freckles on your skin. Always in and out of trouble, but mostly always in…” Hahaha! I still know some of the words in the theme song! Oooh. I love this cartoon. Not all the kids liked it but I did. It’s smart and funny. It showed Lulu as a stand up comic talking about her adventures with Tubby Thompkins.

5. Tom Sawyer.

This is a tagalized cartoon about the adventures of Tom Sawyer and his best friend Huck Finn. My favorite episode would have to be the one where Huck Finn got sick and Tom made him drink Castor Oil which only made him more sick because it was an ointment not a syrup medicine that you swallow. 🙂 This cartoon series was one of the must watch during my childhood. It was basically part of my morning ritual before going to afternoon classes.

It really is fun to be a kid. So youngsters, enjoy it while it lasts. For us not so youngsters, don’t be too sad about growing old, remember growing up is still optional. Plus, we will always have Youtube to help us reminisce our childhood viewing habits. 🙂

Top 3 Cancer Movies

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One of the things I love most, next to reading books (NERD ALERT!) is watching movies. Actually, it was one of the reasons why I wanted to be a writer. I’m more of a chick flick/coming of age/comedy type of girl. I tend to shy away from watching dramas because I get really affected and I get all choked up. But. I’ve seen some dramatic flicks that I really liked and coincidentally most of them dealt with cancer. So today, I’ll give you my top 3 cancer movies.

#3 – A Little Bit of Heaven

I just saw this last night and I found myself in tears! The movie stars Kate Hudson as Marley. She’s pretty, has great friends, and seemed like she had a perfect life until she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Most people knew her as happy go lucky type of person so she had a hard time expressing how she really felt about her being sick. She eventually falls in love with her doctor played by Gael Garcia Bernal. In the end, she confronts her feelings about her divorced parents, fixes her relationships with her friends, learns how it is to love and be loved, and accepts the fact that she’s going to die.

#2 – 100

This is an Indie film that I came across early last year. It’s a well written story and the actors who played the characters really brought it to life. I actually wrote a review here. The story was about an accomplished woman named Joyce. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she only had 100 days to live. She made a bucket list of the things she needed to do before her time is up. With the help of her best friend Ruby, she sets out to settle the score with her first love, tell her mom she’s dying, and even arrange her very own funeral service. This movie made me laugh and cry. It’s definitely worth watching.

#1 – Life as a House

One of my favorite movies of all time. It’s about George Monroe played by Kevin Kline. A divorcee who was diagnosed with – ta-da – terminal cancer. Once he knew his condition, he decided to rebuild a house together with his one and only rebellious son, Sam, played by Hayden Christensen. As he rebuilt the house, he also rebuilt his relationships with the people who matter most to him.

This is a funny and heartwarming story of a father and a son. I first saw this with my brother and by the end of the film I was crying and he was all choked up. I recently got a copy of this movie and I still cry when I watch it.



I must admit, I only wanted to see this because of Joseph Gordon Levitt. BUT. It’s really a great movie. The dialogues were funny and the characters were endearing. I especially loved the potty mouthed best friend played by Seth Rogen. Unlike my top 3, this movie had a, well, better ending so go watch it. 🙂

Annyeong Haseyo!

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1 Post A Day Challenge – Entry #20

Annyeong Haseyo!

That’s “Hello” in Korean. My mom is a little bit obsessed with anything and everything Korean. She spends most of her free time watching marathons of her favorite Koreanovelas. Sometimes she’d even surf the net for the synopsis of the stories or the backgrounds of the actors and actresses. Which girl groups the actresses belong to or if the actors have already gone into the army (apparently, it’s compulsory for the guys to join the army in Korea).

Yoona from Girls Generation. I’ve seen her in a lot of shows that my mom watches.

Rain a.k.a. Ninja Assassin is an actor and singer rolled into one. He’s currently in the army… I think.

She is such a fan girl. Our cable subscription was upgraded just so she can watch KBS and Arirang. We would sometimes sit through reality shows, movies, singing competitions, game shows, all in Korean (with subtitles of course)! Our cupboards are also loaded with Korean noodles because she’s been obsessed with it as well. She got it from watching too many shows with people eating those noodles. During the first few weeks, it was still very tasty and delicious but now we would have Korean noodles at least twice a week for breakfast sometimes even for dinner. Bleck.

Noodles! Slurp! Slurp!

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but she has actually converted even my dad. My DAD?! Before, they’d fight over it but surprisingly now even my dad sits in to watch too. At first, I thought he wasn’t paying attention to it but one time I heard him actually give a juicy comment about the show.


Dad: Naku! Bakit kasi pumapayag siya na pakialam ng magulang nya ang buhay nya?! (Hmp! Why is he allowing his parents to meddle with his life?!)

Mom: Sinabi mo pa! Pero ganun kasi sa Korea. May say ang parents sa mapapangasawa. (You know it! But you see in Korea, the parents have strong opinions about who their children marry.)

Seriously?! Affected much? Haha. I guess, it’s generally a good thing. It’s good that my mom and dad has something to do together. I still cringe though when my mom starts to swoon over those K-Pop artists and actors like a 12-year old fan girl. She’s even worse than I am sometimes. Come to think of it, maybe I got that Fan Girl gene from her?! :))

FAN GIRL MODE: My personal favorite Jo In-Sung from “Memories of Bali”. *swoon*

My Favorite FRIEND.

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #10

One of my good friends came by the house today out of boredom and because he was a dude I thought I’d better stop my Gossip Girl marathon for a bit. We were looking for a movie to watch but nothing struck our fancy so I told him we should just watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

It’s my favorite series of all time. My brother got me the whole 10 seasons for Christmas in 2008 and I spent the whole Christmas vacation watching it. The series first aired in 1994. I remember it was syndicated here in the Philippines and was aired in the defunct ABC 5 network now known as TV 5. I was only 6 years old then so as my brother (who was 12 and  was beyond his years so he kinda appreciated it even then) and my mom watched it, I was pretty clueless. It was after the final season that I started watching reruns on cable TV and ended up being a fan.

The story is about the lives of 6 friends who are in their 20’s and are living in New York. It features the struggles of being young, relationships, work pressure, and everything in between. Saying that it’s funny is an understatement. Sometimes I even read back quotes in IMDB.com when I’m bored and it cracks me up.

My favorite FRIENDS character would have to be Chandler Bing played by Matthew Perry. I think he’s the funniest of the bunch with his sarcasm. Although they are hilarious collectively, he’s probably the funniest individually. I mean his dad’s a tranny, first of all, and he had the worst experience with girls (read: Janice – the nasal ex-girlfriend that he can’t seem to break up with). He was in a whole lot of self-deprecating funny situations.

Janice: “You’re my Bing-a-ling.”

Some of my favorite episodes were the one where they had to do a quiz. It was Rachel and Monica versus Chandler and Joey. Ross was the game master. They ended up switching apartments because Rachel and Monica didn’t get the last question in the lightning round which was: “What do Chandler do for a living?”. I also loved the thanksgiving episode with Brad Pitt and the flash back episodes.

Here’s a clip of the Best of Chandler Bing:


I could watch re-runs all day long. I was so hooked I wanted to be friends with them. I know. I’m kinda lame but they’re like so much fun to be around. Maybe the reason why it clicked was because people can relate. I mean, maybe we know someone who’s bratty like Rachel (I know somebody like her), or who is a little weird like Phoebe, or a typical guy like Joey, a geek like Ross, a sarcastic dude like Chandler, or a control freak like Monica. They sort of remind us of somebody in our own circle of friends or even ourselves sometimes and I guess that’s the reason why the series lasted for 10 years. 🙂