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Feb-ulous Challenge Day 25

I love… my friends.

Treat your family like friends and your friends like your family.

And I do. These days, my parents and I, we’re more like friends now. Giving advice and talking like normal people. Unlike before when they would lecture me on every single thing the way parents do. Anywho, my friends on the other hand have become my second family.

My longest friendship is with my childhood friends who I met back in elementary. We bonded over school yard games like sikyo and patintero, foundation day rehearsals, and a common agenda to make fun of a teacher we all once had the opportunity to share a room with.

Maybe it’s because we had a small school that we all gravitated towards each other. When high school came, we went to different schools and the ones who were in the same school with me, we didn’t share the same classes. Despite that, we all managed to keep in touch. Amazing right? Cellphones were not really our thing back then. I remember we’d call each other on the phone to set a date for hanging out. During summer breaks, we’d go to each of our houses to pick each other up if we were hanging out. Because there were no texting or doorbells, we’d stand outside the gates and go: “Tao po? Tao po? Good afternoon po. Nandiyan po ba si _______” (Hello? Good afternoon. Is _______ there?)


Circa 2010: One Christmas photo missing one our friend who migrated to the States.

They truly are like family. They raid my refrigerator like it’s nobody’s business. I can tell them anything and they wouldn’t judge. They have accepted me for being the neurotic, paranoid, over thinking, and sometimes delusional person that I am. And never. Not once. Have I ever felt judged.

A few years, adventures, heartbreaks, almost relationships, life changing situations, and petty fights , tears, and lots of laughs later we are all still together. We actually take the time out of our busy lives and schedule dinner dates, movie dates, drinking sessions, and if we’re lucky and loaded, even an out of town trip. I am truly blessed to have found people who are different from who I am and yet have the same wavelength. How cool is that. These amazing individuals are definitely for keeps.

Before and After

Before and After


Happy Heart’s Day! Love, Mom.

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Feb-ulous Challenge Day 14

It is Valentines’ Day today. For many, it’s a day of romance, flowers, chocolates, dates, and everything in between. I’ve never really celebrated this “holiday” for obvious reasons, of course, but I’ve had my share of flowers and chocolates over the years though. Some of my guy friends are sweet enough to give me something on their way to their own dates and I truly appreciate that.

Anywho, I must admit that this year my case of Valentines blues was… erm… let’s say more pressing unlike the previous years. The constant teasing and reminder of people around to join speed dating events or even go on random blind dates come up in conversations more frequent than usual. It’s okay, I guess. I just laugh it off but then I’d be lying if I tell you that it doesn’t bother me because I guess, truthfully, it does. A little bit.

So while I was not excited to see Thursday, everything changed when I got a text this morning that said:

“Happy heart’s day 🙂 remember good things come 2 those who wait :)”

That was sent to me by… my mom. 🙂 I couldn’t help but smile and feel loved. Isn’t she the sweetest? I was ready to bitch about today and was preparing to roll my eyes on bouquet-carrying-extra-mushy boys and girls but then after reading that how can you not be touched and be okay with all the supposedly annoying cheesiness in the air?

I love my mom because she doesn’t make me feel like I’m a freak for being single at 24 even though she has her occasional one liners and punchlines about how my love life is going (or not going, for that matter). But i guess that’s her job as my mom. What I’m trying to say, i guess, is that it’s always nice to have people who remind you that you are loved and special too. I may not have found my Valentine just yet but I guess my mom’s right, good things come to those who wait. So while I do wait, I guess, she’s gonna be my Valentine for a little bit. 🙂

"Hey that's my mum!" - Shaun from Shaun of the Dead

“Hey that’s my mum!” – Shaun from Shaun of the Dead

The NBSB Confessions

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1 Post A Day Challenge – Entry #31

This is not a love story. As much as I would want to write mine, I can’t. I’ve been meaning to write a love story (probably fiction) but I think I need more life experience as material to pull that off. It has been mentioned in previous posts and it’s not really a secret that I’ve never had a boyfriend. Nope. Zero. Nada. I am the poster girl for NBSBs (No Boyfriend Since Birth) or SSBs (Single Since Birth). I have been called an idealist and sometimes I even get scolded for having “high standards”. It’s not that high, really. They’re just plain standards. Some even asked me if I was a lesbian, which for the record and for the sake of any of my parents who might read this someday, I am NOT. I’m as straight as a ruler. Mmkay?

I’d like to blame puberty for my current relationship status. You see, while puberty has been good to other girls by making them taller and rounder/curvy and even giving them boobies in high school. I, on other hand, was given pimples (TONS!), retainers (for the first 3 years), braces (during senior year! cause my teeth relapsed, darn it!), glasses, and bad hair. Yup, I was everything BUT pretty. Okay I wasn’t THAT bad but the competition for boy attention was stiff. I mean, I didn’t really had a problem talking to boys. I actually have a lot of friends who are boys so I guess I’m pretty likable. The thing with being one of the boys in high school is that you’re pretty much in the friend zone whether you liked it or not. You get to be the one they hang out and have a ball with but they end up going to the prom or dating one of your girl friends. In junior year, I sat beside my ultimate crush but the only spark that I saw fly was the one coming from the socket when he plugged in the fan when the AC in our classroom broke down. That was it for me. The dream was over. High school boys (and even girls, i must say) are superficial. We wouldn’t admit it but there is some truth to that.

College seemed to be promising. No more braces. Less pimples. Better hair, fashion, and even perspective. Unfortunately, college boys are still if not more superficial. In high school, I was the friendly one. In college, I was the smart one so I came off as intimidating. I never really got the point why some girls dumb themselves down until then. Come to think of it, I was popular with the boys back then too because I was friends with the pretty girls (hanging out with me meant they get to hang out with my girls too. haha!), I was witty, and I never ran out of random stuff to talk about which came in handy during long breaks. Eventually, some people noticed me. Shocker. Unfortunately, I was a little too convinced that I wasn’t likable… in a romantic way. I know. I’m such an insecure awkward teenage girl. I’ve been told by guys that the problem with me was that I was too cool. Can you believe that. I was never cool and now I was too much. Anyway, I was told that I was the type that they’d hang out with but wouldn’t date so basically I end up in the friend zone. Again. What kind of sick and twisted analogy is that. So by the time they realized that they like me like me, it would be too late because they’re already in my friend zone and that would just be weird for everybody involved.

I think there are varying reasons for my single status. There are the confidence issues from way back when, the case of over thinking things (Urgh. I am the worst over thinker), and the fact that (I hate to admit this) I’m just scared of getting hurt. You know heart aches are not exclusive to people in relationships, I know how it feels. I’ve had my small share of those too. I really do. Maybe my friends are right about me looking at the whole love situation in a different perspective. I think I’ve heard too many sob stories that may have caused me to over analyze things. Maybe I’m reading too much into this. I think, I’m single because of the very simple reason that maybe it isn’t time yet. You know. Love shouldn’t be rushed. Right? I’d like to think that there is somebody out there for everybody. I’ll meet my guy. What’s the rush, right?


This is the last entry for the month. YAAAAAY! My 1PAD Challenge is a success! Thank you for reading. 🙂

Love Sickness


1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #22

Most of my friends are in a relationship, some took a time off it, and me, I’ve never been in one. You might be wondering why along with all my friends, cousins, and aunts but the answer to why that is will probably be discussed in a different post someday soon. For now, we talk about relationships and the illnesses that comes along with it.

I’m a girl and girls talk. A lot. We talk about everything, when we’re infatuated and especially when we’re in love. I myself love to talk things out. It helps me deal with things if I’m able to vent out (thus the creation of this blog). Anyway, imagine a girl/boy who is head over heels in love with someone. Although girls are more vocal, believe me some guys do this too. They’ll talk about their significant other like there’s no tomorrow. I’d like to think of it as a Tourette’s Syndrome – Love Version because they blurt out lovey dovey stuff instead of curse words. If a person is in love, they can insert their significant other in any random conversation. They’ll find a connection between their significant other and a cheese burger. Example:

Me: Let’s eat at McDonald’s for lunch!

Love-Sick Friend (LSF): Sure!

Me: I’ll have a cheese burger, french fries, and large coke. How about you?

LSF: Aaaaww. When boyfriend and I fought last week over who puts the phone down first, he gave me cheese burger the next day as a peace offering. Aaaaww. Isn’t he the sweetest?! ❤ ❤ ❤

Another common love sickness is Insanity & Blindness. Even the smartest people go insane and do stupid things and decisions once they get bitten by the love bug. They also turn blind and deaf even. At least that’s what I heard. Isn’t that scary? You start forsaking your friends, family, and even your sanity so you end up living in a world where only the two of you exist. You’d start skipping class just to go out. You’d be absent-minded at work, daydreaming of him/her in between spreadsheets. You’d forgive and forget about his/her unforgivable and unforgettable blunders and after, you’ll feel like you were the reason why he/she did it in the first place. And that is just whack.

My favorite love sickness would be this, Selective Amnesia. Probably because it’s something that most of the people I know experience but wouldn’t admit. Maybe love is really that consuming that they forget about other things and other people. I’d tease some of my friends and call them “absentee friends”. When they were single, they’d be hanging out with you until the school closes, would talk to you until the wee hours and would even send you a text right after you separate and talk about the day that you actually spent together. Once in a relationship, they get amnesia and forget that there are also other important people around. They suddenly become mangoes. Seasonal. Don’t fret though, because eventually they’ll come around or worst, break up with that person which you together with all your friends warned him/her about. They’ll be back in the radar in no time.

I wonder what I’d be like. I hope I don’t go all-out-Tourette’s and talk incessantly about my love life. I actually know someone who does this but the Baby Version which I think is worst than the Love Version. I guess, it’s a package deal. You have to be insane to truly fall in love. You’ll have to let everything go, open your heart, and share your life. Shudders. That is a scary thought. But maybe it isn’t so bad. Not all couples are annoying. Right?! There are also couples who are in healthy relationships. The cute and inspiring ones who make you realize and believe that the Love-The-Way-You-Lie-esque relationships are so not cool. At all.

Love Life in a Nutshell


I have always loved music but it’s not often that I find something that I could really relate to. That may just explain the reason why I don’t really like ballads or love songs. I liked pop songs (cause of the catchy melodies) and alternative rock bands (cause i think they have pretty good lyrics that pop songs sometimes lack). My taste in music has been influenced by my big brother and MTV Asia (MYX wasn’t the biggest music channel in the Philippines yet and VJ Donita was one of the coolest VJs who hosted MTV’s Most Wanted). Growing up, I listened to boy bands (because they ruled the air waves), a whole lot of Britney Spears (what?! she is kinda awesome. i like her! shoot me) and because the 90’s was the era of the  OPM bands I listened to a lot of Eraserheads, Rivermaya, and Parokya ni Edgar among others.

Parokya ni Edgar is one of my favorite OPM bands. They have funny, catchy, straight to the heart, and down right story-of-your-life type of tunes. One particular song of theirs actually sums up my love life (or the lack of it) for the past couple of years. Here’s the song:


The first three lines are funny because it has my name written all over it:

Nung una kitang nakilala di man lang kita napuna, 
Di ka naman kasi ganoon kaganda, di ba?
Simpleng kabatak, simpleng kabarkada lamang ang tingin ko sa’yo.

That is so me. I am that girl. The boys liked to hang out with me and they would never ever think of me as a girl they would date. I was a non-threat to girls (that’s why I didn’t have problems with my guy friends’ girlfriends) because I was this regular (sometimes too regular) simple no fuss geeky girl that their boyfriends’ are friends with. They’re so comfortable around me (which is a blessing and a curse) that they sometimes forget that I’m a girl. Then one day, something – i dunno, a realization… maybe – will hit them and they’d start to look at me weird and see me in a different light. It is flattering, i guess? but it’s not something I feel excited about. By the time they realize (that I am in fact a girl) that they like me like me, it’s too late. I was in their friend zone for too long and now they’re in MY friend zone and it would be to weird to even think about hooking up. Right? Or is it okay? Is it just me and my weird principles about friends and being platonic?

I don’t know. A lot of songs have been written (and don’t get me started with movies) about secretly liking your friend and friendship being the best foundation of love. They’re probably true. I might (and would probably) eat my words in the future for saying this but as of this writing, at this point in my life, I have to say that it’s just not my thing. You all might be raising your eyebrows right now and I could be wrong. Very wrong. But. It’s just me. I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t been bitten by the love bug yet. When that time comes, he could be a friend or a complete stranger, who knows. I’ll deal with it when it happens and it’ll all be a topic for a different entry.



Late Bloomer

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Late bloomer. Ako yan.

Dati ako ang isa sa mga nangunguna sa klase pag dating sa academics pero sa ibang bagay lagi akong huli. Nung elementary, ako ata ang pinaka-huling nagka-tamagotchi at nagka-gameboy. Laos na sa mga kaklase ko hook na hook pa din ako. Nung high school, mga kaklase ko nagchi-cheek tint na at powder ako dalawang beses lang sa isang araw kung mag suklay (kaya ngayon alam ko na kung bakit hindi ako ligawin dati. hahaha! kahit hanggang ngayon di pa rin naman. hahaha!). Kaya naman, pag dating ko ng college, nagmimistula akong project ng mga classmates ko. Pag bored sila bunutan nila kong kilay, me-make up-an, trip na trip nilang pinturahan mga mukha nila.  Panay ang gala, gimik, at kung saan saan ang mga happenings.

Dati di ko ma-gets. Ngayon, gets ko na. Required na kong mag-makeup at mag ayos dahil sa corporate world lalo na sa Marketing, it’s all about presentation. Sawa na silang gumimik. Ako naman, ngayon ko pa lang na-eenjoy. Ang weird no. Yang Plants Vs. Zombies nga aliw na aliw ako eh lahat ng tao Temple Run at Draw Something na ang bukam-bibig. Ganyan ako ka-late bloomer. Di ko alam kung dapat ba kong matuwa o maasar. Pero most of the time, natatawa na lang ako.

Kahit sa pag-ibig huli ako. Mga iba kong friends nag-sipag asawa na. Yung iba may mga anak na. Ako nga di pa nagkaka-boyfriend. At dahil late bloomer ako, panay ang pressure ng mga tao sa paligid. Andyan yung tuwing makikita mo yung mga kakilala mo yun agad ang unang banat: “ano may asawa ka na??” gusto kong mabuwisit dahil sa 2 bagay. Una, mukha ba kong may asawa o anak? Pangalawa, yan lang ba ang ultimate goal ng mga tao sa mundo? Ang mag-boyfriend o mag-girlfriend saka mag-parami ng lahi? Meron pang pagkakataon na may nagtanong sakin kung galit daw ba ko sa mga lalaki. Pero ang pinaka-paborito ko eh yung tanungin ako kung tomboy daw ako. Natawa ko ng wagas. Wala lang boyfriend, tomboy agad? haha!

Naisip ko lang, kahit malakas mang-pressure ang malupit na mundo sa mga taong hindi umayon sa norms ng society (i.e. being in a relationship at a certain age, dressing in certain way, drinking the newest brand of milk tea, going to parties, or cheering for Linsanity even if you don’t watch NBA, or eating an overrated expensive ice cream) di naman ako dapat malungkot na late bloomer ako. Siguro naman may Pros yan aside from the Cons (like tampulan ng tukso sa opisina at default na aasarin sa mga kapwa single sa paligid). Kakatawa lang isipin. Di naman dapat madaliin di ba? Life is meant to be savored.


A1 ko sayo, I felt BLUE, when JEFF TIMMONS left.

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I love music. I’ve been going to concerts ever since… err… i can afford it. Hehe. It felt wrong to ask for my parents to buy me tickets for concerts when I was still in school. That’s the reason why i missed Fall Out Boy’s and Maroon 5’s first concert here in Manila. Anywho, talking about concerts, last Saturday we headed to Smart Araneta Coliseum to go see The Greatest Hits Tour.

It was a 3-in-1 concert featuring Jeff Timmons (one of the other dudes in 98 degrees), Blue, and (insert scream here) A1!!! Sigh. The songs of my youth. 🙂 Just imagine my excitement when i heard they were coming. Memories flashback instantly, my grade school crush sporting the same “kimpee” hairstyle as Ben Adams and we even sang one of A1’s songs for our grad song (One in Love), and us tuning in on MTV to swoon over those boys singing and making pa-cute in the music video of “Like A Rose”. Haaaay. My 13 year old self is jumping up and down and just died for a minute there. Haha.

The look that made a lot of school girls swoon ❤

Going back to the concert, we were early. Had to fall in line and wait for the gates to open. I just have to share, it’s always an experience falling in line for concerts. We get to see a whole lot people. I give you:

Ces’ 5 Types of Concert Goers:

1. The PDAs (i’m sorry for the guys who were required by the girlfriends to attend) – well, in fairness i gotta say, the PDAs are also found in a lot of different common places (which sucks ass) like the cinema, the mall, fast food, everywhere, just name it there’s probably at least two.

2. The socialites – they are the ones who come truly prepared. As in, outfit kung outfit, yung akala mo sila yung magcoconcert. haha. Side story: i remember when we went to the Pussycat Dolls Concert, we felt a little under dressed because some of the people in the crowd were wearing boots (hello, tropical country?), high heels (kamusta naman ang paghi-heels sa SM MOA Concert Grounds) and faux furs. Nuff said.

3. The pa-socialites a.k.a. TH (Trying Hard) – hmmm. These are the annoying ones. idol nila ang socialites. They are the ones who tend to look at you from head to toe and whisper to their other pa-socialites/TH friends. Sarap konyatan.

4. The Lost Peeps – aaah. the lost peeps. kids (who are too young to even know who the artists are) and KJs (kill joys). Need I say more?

5. The Fan Girls/Boys – these are the ones who are really there for the concert. The ones who sings along and just enjoys the whole she-bang! in short, ehem, that’s US! Haha.

Once we got in, we found our seats and we waited. It didn’t start at the exact time maybe because the Big Dome wasn’t full yet (it wasn’t as jam packed as the Westlife Gravity Tour). Jeff Timmons was up first. He performed with Jay Durias and some back up vocalists of South Border. He even sang rainbow! I actually felt bad for him because, he was trying so hard to pump up the crowd. He was even explaining that it was his first time to do something solo. I say: “Hay naku, Jeff Timmons, sa barangay ka na lang magpaliwanag” Haha. But he wasn’t that bad. If it’s any consolation, people were also screaming because well… i must admit, he’s hot. Check him out here.

Jeff Timmons and Lucky Girl

The second act was (insert screaming here) A1!!! We were hoping that they were last but i guess because they were not complete anymore Blue was the “bigger” act that night given that they were still complete. Anywho, A1’s set was EPIC! I loved it. They were good! They started their set with “Same Old Brand New You” and sang all their hits. Some were medleys because of course they can’t sing the whole songs because Blue was still going to perform. They even did a cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and they also sang two singles from their new album “Waiting for daylight” and “In Love and I Hate it” (the latter’s chorus sounded a little bit like Kelly Clarkson’s single Mr.Know-It-All, but whatever!). They were chatty with the fans which is always fun. Feeling close kame kahit nasa Upper Box B lang kame. Haha. My most favorite part of their set was when they sang “Ready or Not” (because we did not only sing along, we danced along too! oh boy, the things that good looking guys make us do. SIGH) Haha and when Ben asked the cameraman to come on up stage and take a close up of him singing “Like A Rose”. Ben Adams is soooo POGI! Grabe. His face filled all the screens in the coliseum. I died. Haha. I wish i could drug him and bring him home and keep him forever! HAHA!

one of the better shots i got 🙂

Ben. Ben. Ben. You are awesome. ❤

Last and definitely not the least is Blue. In all fairness, they were also good and they did put on a show. Most of their songs are upbeat so they also did choreography. They started of with “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”, “U Make Me Wanna”  followed by “Breathe Easy” then they had to change outfits for “All Rise”, “Fly By”, and the controversial “Too Close”. Controversial because I swear the Big Dome went gaga over the gyrating hips and crotch grabbing moves of those English lads. Haha. One thing though, Duncan missed some of his lyrics (i forgot which song) but that was okay because Anthony went in and saved his english-forgetful-arse. Simon and Lee were pretty playful on stage. Lee even sang a line of “Like A Rose” while giving away roses to the crowd. They threw in some of their used-sweat-filled towels, i didn’t see though if someone actually grabbed it (eeeeww to dapat pero, oh well, whatever. haha). Blue’s set was the fastest to finish. It sort of bitin but it was still fun.

BLUE: Duncan, Simon, Antony, and Lee

Overall, it was a great experience. The Westlife Gravity Tour was still better (if were comparing to other boy bands) because the crowd’s energy was better. Anyway, i now have enough memories of Ben Adams to supply my day dreaming at the office. Haha. My final question would be, “Kelan kaya dadating ang N’SYNC?” 🙂

PS. There’s a few minutes of technical break after every set. While we wait for the 2nd set, Bestfriend Goldie found a new friend:

Nanay: Kras ko si Dangkan (ng Blue)

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