1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #28

Tonight we’ll be going to a wake. I don’t kn0w him really but still so we’ll be going to express our condolences. I’ve always been afraid of dying and of having people I know die. I know it’s inevitable and that we can’t all live forever but just the thought of losing somebody you love or even know is just… heartbreaking.

People die because of different reasons. Some die of illnesses, others in unfortunate accidents, and there are those who take take their own lives. I feel bad for those who suffer for long periods of time battling different diseases. Although it is not easy to continue living after the doctors have told you that your days are numbered it’s still better than having to die suddenly in unfortunate accidents. At least you still have time to say goodbye to your loved ones. Accidental deaths are instantaneous but are equally sad. I think having died from illness makes it easier for people to accept the loss. The thought of them not having to experience pain is enough for people to accept the fact that they have gone to a better place.

Hearing stories of people taking their own lives is worst. It really saddens me because those people might really be having seriously bad problems that they think that the only solution to it is dying. Most people who take their lives are burdened with problems that they were not able to share or talk to somebody about. It piled inside them that they can’t take it anymore so to stop them from feeling pain or sadness they take their lives. It is very unfortunate because the deceased will leave the family and friends in grief and guilt.Β They’ll be haunted with the questions of why, what-ifs, and if-onlys.

I am saddened by the passing of people especially those close to us but I am even more saddened by the fact there are some people who die because they took their own lives. I hope that we are always reminded that life is wonderful however hard or sad our lives may be. Problems are called problems because they have solutions. Taking matters into our own hands is not a solution. Be strong and remain faithful. Remember that however bad a situation is, it will change.