1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #22

Most of my friends are in a relationship, some took a time off it, and me, I’ve never been in one. You might be wondering why along with all my friends, cousins, and aunts but the answer to why that is will probably be discussed in a different post someday soon. For now, we talk about relationships and the illnesses that comes along with it.

I’m a girl and girls talk. A lot. We talk about everything, when we’re infatuated and especially when we’re in love. I myself love to talk things out. It helps me deal with things if I’m able to vent out (thus the creation of this blog). Anyway, imagine a girl/boy who is head over heels in love with someone. Although girls are more vocal, believe me some guys do this too. They’ll talk about their significant other like there’s no tomorrow. I’d like to think of it as a Tourette’s Syndrome – Love Version because they blurt out lovey dovey stuff instead of curse words. If a person is in love, they can insert their significant other in any random conversation. They’ll find a connection between their significant other and a cheese burger. Example:

Me: Let’s eat at McDonald’s for lunch!

Love-Sick Friend (LSF): Sure!

Me: I’ll have a cheese burger, french fries, and large coke. How about you?

LSF: Aaaaww. When boyfriend and I fought last week over who puts the phone down first, he gave me cheese burger the next day as a peace offering. Aaaaww. Isn’t he the sweetest?! ❤ ❤ ❤

Another common love sickness is Insanity & Blindness. Even the smartest people go insane and do stupid things and decisions once they get bitten by the love bug. They also turn blind and deaf even. At least that’s what I heard. Isn’t that scary? You start forsaking your friends, family, and even your sanity so you end up living in a world where only the two of you exist. You’d start skipping class just to go out. You’d be absent-minded at work, daydreaming of him/her in between spreadsheets. You’d forgive and forget about his/her unforgivable and unforgettable blunders and after, you’ll feel like you were the reason why he/she did it in the first place. And that is just whack.

My favorite love sickness would be this, Selective Amnesia. Probably because it’s something that most of the people I know experience but wouldn’t admit. Maybe love is really that consuming that they forget about other things and other people. I’d tease some of my friends and call them “absentee friends”. When they were single, they’d be hanging out with you until the school closes, would talk to you until the wee hours and would even send you a text right after you separate and talk about the day that you actually spent together. Once in a relationship, they get amnesia and forget that there are also other important people around. They suddenly become mangoes. Seasonal. Don’t fret though, because eventually they’ll come around or worst, break up with that person which you together with all your friends warned him/her about. They’ll be back in the radar in no time.

I wonder what I’d be like. I hope I don’t go all-out-Tourette’s and talk incessantly about my love life. I actually know someone who does this but the Baby Version which I think is worst than the Love Version. I guess, it’s a package deal. You have to be insane to truly fall in love. You’ll have to let everything go, open your heart, and share your life. Shudders. That is a scary thought. But maybe it isn’t so bad. Not all couples are annoying. Right?! There are also couples who are in healthy relationships. The cute and inspiring ones who make you realize and believe that the Love-The-Way-You-Lie-esque relationships are so not cool. At all.