New Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year! It is still the New Year, right? And as “tradition” dictates it is that time of the year where we promise to do stuff we probably wouldn’t do but what the heck? I’m jumping in that band wagon and I’m going to share my two cents with you.

While most people promise to exercise, lose weight, and other versions of “getting fit”, I on the other hand thought of doing something else. This year, my New Year’s resolution is to dress better. Since I can’t run that mile or do that many sit-ups to look good, I’ve figured dressing better would make me look good and feel good minus the sweat and the body pain.

I found this online shop called Rambros Prints. It’s an online shop for people looking for stylish and comfortable clothes.


They customize and design shirts for people who want to have one-of-a-kind personalized shirts. For fan girls/boys, just like myself, what better way to eternalize your love for your favourite TV shows, bands, and other hobbies than to print their logos on your shirt and waltz around like it’s nobody’s business.



For this hoodie-loving generation of kids and kids at heart, good news because apart from shirts they also customize and design amazing hoodies! I personally love hoodies due to its comfort and added coolness factor. Or maybe that’s just me?

hoodie 3

hoodie 2

hoodie 1 Anyway, Rambros Prints provide their clients with cool shirts and hoodies made from best quality materials at a reasonable price. You can even haggle and get good discounts. How cool is that? They do all types of design concepts ranging from couple shirts, company and organization uniforms, cartoon prints, religious designs, and of course my favourite – hoodies. Their products are great for personal use, corporate activities, other events, and even for gift options. You name it and they’ll have it customized for you and sent to your doorstep via LBC or personally delivered if you order in bulk. If you want to know more, check out their website: www.rambrosprints.com or call: 09176274300.

My New Year’s resolution seems to be promising, don’t you think? I think I’m ready to face the challenges this year and I plan on looking good while I’m at it. Here’s to dressing better, feeling better, and being better in 2014.


What The Chuck?

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Feb-ulous Challenge Day 17

I love Chuck Taylor!

I’m not really a fashion savvy person. My sense of style is basically jeans and a T-shirt. I’m not into what’s in or what’s hot in fashion, well occasionally maybe, so I don’t really have a “style” or “look”. When I pick out clothes, which includes foot wear, I go for comfort before style. That said, sneakers is a part of my not so extensive wardrobe. I love Chuck Taylors in particular.

Pink and Black All-Stars Chuck Taylor. Bought these during my emo/girly/angsty teenage years. :P

Pink and Black All-Stars Chuck Taylor. Bought these during my emo/girly/angsty teenage years. 😛

I’m not a heels-wearing type of girl that’s why I love these shoes. They’re comfy and the rugged/rock n’ roll feel is much more of my personality. I only have two Chuck Taylors but I’d love to collect more. The photo above is my first ever pair. I’ve been through tons of walking marathons, places, and even walked through flooded streets wearing them. It’s been with me for 8 years! Another great thing about these shoes aside from being comfy is that it’s very low maintenance. It’s requires less to no washing, well unless it kinda stinks, because as one of my friends said it: “Chucks are awesome, the dirtier… the better!” I guess the dirty, or shall I say “rugged” look adds to the coolness factor of the shoes.


Grey Slim Chuck Taylor

I bought this pair last year. It’s has the style but slimmer look thus they are called Chuck Taylor Slim. The slim ones are lighter than the typical types. I love wearing them to work because they’re great for running around the studios or climbing up and down the stairs.

So there, I know I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with sneakers (or any type of shoes for that matter), what are your shoe must-haves?


NAILed It!

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Feb-ulous Challenge Day 9

I love… Nail Polish! 🙂

touch the color...

touch the color…

I am obsessed with painting my nails! I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned at least once that I’m not really a girly girl but recently having colorful nails have become… my thing. I’m actually getting better with painting BOTH my nails. SCORE!

Twice a month, our favorite nail technician/mani-pedi master, Ate Edna, comes to our house to do our nails. She’s this petite Ilongga who takes care of our needs. We love her because she has very steady hands and we get lots of stories and love advice from her. She’s the sweetest.

I guess my obsession started when my cousins introduced me to the “cracked nails effect”

yo that shiz is crack! (huh??)

yo that shiz is crack! (huh??)

Once you apply one coat of this special “cracking” nail polish, it quickly dries and creates a cracked effect. COOL!

the flavor of the month: GRAY

the color according to the bottle is: All Night Long (Dunno where they got that from). For me though, it’s simply: GRAY. 🙂

Aren’t they the cutest accessory? Go on then, paint em nails!