1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #29

The job hunt resumes. Today, I was bored to death in an uncomfortable waiting area. Once called, I put on my best applicant smile and wowed the interviewer (I hope I did wow her with that tooth paste commercial worthy smile!). Then I took this test. A quality checking activity and an abstract test. I generally feel good about it but I missed this question:

9N 8E 7S 6S __?

If you happen to know the answer to that please put it in the comments section below. Anyway, as I was waiting for the interview and the test to happen there were a lot of lull moments. I was a yawning machine so I had to hide my face in my folder.

As I was fighting my drowsiness in between yawns, I got the chance to people watch (cause there was a lot) and size up the competition. There are indeed many people in search of a job. It kinda motivated me to do better knowing that there are at least 5 people vying for one position. By sitting there and watching people come and go, I was a little entertained by some who were like lost puppies. There are those who are assertive and asks questions right away and then there are those who stands there, lingers, and looks around for about 15 minutes before asking the front desk about what to do. There are also chatty applicants who love small talk and then there are the unprepared ones. The ones who forget to bring pens and asks to borrow yours after which subconsciously makes you hurry up because somebody’s waiting on you (at least that’s how I feel).

Anyway, as I sat there bored with a grumbling stomach, I thought of a couple of things that a professional applicant should have during the job hunt. I shall call it:


1. You should always have a valid ID with you. I know this kinda sounds dumb but I remember back when we were fresh grads most of us only have the school IDs which are not exactly valid because, well, we graduated already. Some of my friends had to bargain with guards using their ATM cards and whatnot.

2. Always bring a PEN… That writes. Bringing a pen is good but make sure that it still writes. This has happened to me before. I brought 2 pens and both of them failed me. Major face palm moment.

3. Mints or candies. We underestimate these little sweets but when you’ve been waiting for an hour with a grumbling stomach these babies will save you from getting ulcers. Plus breath mints prevent us from bad breath which is so easy to get especially if you’ve been sitting there not talking for the longest time. First impressions are important and you wouldn’t want the interviewer to think that you ate garbage for breakfast, right?

4. Bring a book or a listening device to pass the time. This actually helps with the boredom. I used to bring a book with me during these situations but the kind of books I read are more on the heavy side so I decided on just bringing my iPod with me. I just make sure that I can still hear the people around me so that I can hear if it’s my turn or if the building is on fire.

5. Last but not the least, bring your TONGUE and COMMON SENSE. Job hunting entails a lot of patience, perseverance, and most of all common sense. There are some people who are hesitant in asking questions. Maybe because the connotation is that if you don’t know things you’re stupid. What we don’t know is that asking questions is way better than not asking and then looking totally stupid. I used to be shy about asking for directions and asking questions with interviews but then I realized that getting lost and being clueless is far more worst. Do yourself a favor, save the time and effort, ask questions and you’ll get far.

Congratulations, you are now armed with the knowledge for surviving the job hunt. Hopefully, we all find that oh so elusive job that we want. Good luck! πŸ™‚