My Top 5 Fictional Athletes


1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #16

I’m really not athletic. Sometimes, I wish was though. I remember dreading practical exams in PE. I sucked at basketball, volleyball, and everything else that involved throwing or catching a ball. The only sport in PE that  I actually had a chance of passing was badminton and chess. When I was in college, I did get a little bit interested in basketball because of the NCAA and the whole school spirit thingy. The varsity players – who scored in games, failed the exams, won the hearts of many kolehiyalas – were also a contributing factor.

Now, the time I watch sports is when it’s part of a TV show or movie that I like so today I’ll give you my Top 5 Favourite Fictional Athletes. 🙂

1. #16 – Shane Falco – The Replacements (2000)

Shaaane Faaalco! ❤

I’ve never seen a real football match, ever. I’ve seen a lot of it in movies though so I know that a touch down is worth 7 points. I also know that players are called quarterbacks and running backs. That’s everything that I know about it but what I do know is that Shane Falco is one of the best looking quarter backs as far as fictional and non-fictional athletes go. The movie, The Replacements, is one of the movies I’ve watched over and over again. It’s about a bunch of replacement players hired by the owners when the pro players went on strike.

2. # 23 Lucas Scott – One Tree Hill

The artsy, broody, basketball star.

One of my favorite shows (up until Lucas and Peyton left) was One Tree Hill. It’s basically about high school, relationships, and basketball. Aside from being a good basketball player (although his brother, Nathan Scott is better)  he is also a teenage girl’s dream boyfriend. He’s a little emotional and broody with a whole lot of daddy issues! He’s got the right amount of drama in his life that every teenage girl subconsciously wants. Above it all, he’s just a sweet guy who writes letters to woo girls! Altogether now: Aaaaww. ❤

3. #9 Bobby Boucher – WaterBoy

“I love my momma!”

Bobby Boucher started out as the team’s water boy but eventually it was discovered that he was good at tackling people which is important in foozball (that’s how his momma calls it). It’s a funny story of how Bobby rises up to the challenges of playing football, of learning (I learned what the medulla oblongata was because of this movie), and of convincing his momma that foozball is not the devil.

4. #18 Connie Moreau – The Mighty Ducks

Preach it, sister!

Mighty Ducks, the sports movie of my childhood. The story is actually about their coach Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) who was a lawyer who became the Ducks’ coach as a form of community service. I liked Connie because she’s the only girl in a hockey team which is awesome! We all loved Charlie Conway and the whole team too. Whenever it’s on cable I still watch it. Quack! Quack! Quack!

5. Daniel Larusso – Karate Kid

Uh oh! Watch out, it’s the killer move. 

Before Jaden Smith’s Jacket On and Jacket Off. It was the iconic wax on and wax off of the original Mr. Miyagi who saved Daniel San’s (Ralph Macchio) ass from being kicked by bullies. This movie was actually made before I was even born but when I saw it I must admit I develop a little crush on the Karate Kid. I cringed and aaawwed and ooohed along a lot of girls during the tournament.

Maybe I should take on a sport. Tennis? Boxing? Running? Oh who am I kidding. I’m sticking to chess, where the chances of me getting hit in the face or injuring any part of my body is very unlikely to happen. Better yet I’ll just cheer you on while you all sweat it out. Woohoo! Go Team!



Moment On The Lips, Lifetime On The Hips.

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #11

Most girls are always worried about how they look especially how they weigh. Some even calculate the number of calories they consume. The extremists even starve themselves to shave off some pounds but luckily I am not most girls. Not that I’m like those blessed girls who can eat whatever they want and still look like a model fresh from the magazines. I’m a little bigger than average and some people have actually called me fat but I just don’t care.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite snacks that’ll probably go straight to my thighs:

1. Ice Cream – Who doesn’t love ice cream? Living in a tropical country, ice cream is everywhere! We have all sorts of variations from ice buko to ice candy. All of these, i’d  like to believe, were all based on the concept of ice cream. My favorite flavor would have to be vanilla but Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk have recently stolen my heart.

Are you sad? Let me introduce you to Ben and Jerry. 🙂

Here’s another one to chase those bad days away, Blue Bunny Neapolitan 😛

Before the S&R Shopping Malls opened here and introduced me to these good stuff, my cousins and I went gaga over “dirty ice cream” or “sorbetes”

Ze Durrty Ice Creme!

You can have your dirty ice cream in 4 different ways. You can have it on a bun or monay, on a regular cone, on a sweet cone which costs more, or on a cup. 🙂 When I was 7 years old, I had a birthday party and my parents rented a cart just for me and my friends. After that, I was the coolest kid in school for like 3 days. 🙂

2. Chocolates nuff said.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

My favorite chocolate would have to be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It’s not too sweet and it’s just right the peanut butter flavor and chocolate go very well together. Right now, i’m getting addicted to Mars Milky Way Midnight Bar.

Milky Way Midnight Bar is Heaven. ❤

3. Chips – I think that being a coach potato goes hand in hand with snacking. The bumming around the house experience would not be complete if you don’t snack while you’re at it. Chips are the number one go to pig out food for those movie and series marathons with your friends. You sit AND snack all day, I wonder where those love handles came from, hmmm. Haha!

Aaaah the best isle in the grocery

4. Cakes & Cupcakes – They look so good and taste even better! I’d watch cooking channels just to see chefs and bakers make wonderful pastries. I even thought about taking a baking class before. Anyway, my favorite cake is the blueberry cheesecake. Cupcakes are the cutest and they’re just so good. I particularly like the cupcakes from Mom & Tina’s. 🙂

Blueberry cheese cake is healthy cause it has fruits in it. Right?! :))))


5. Doughnuts! The Dunkin’ Donuts tagline here in the Philippines is “Pasalubong ng bayan” and I would agree to that. When I was a kid my mom would always bring home doughnuts as “pasalubong”. My favorite was the butternut and strawberry filled munchkin doughnuts.

Dunkin’ Donut Tingalingaling Poknat!

There are lots of great tasting doughnuts nowadays but right now my current favorite is from J.Co Doughnuts. They have the coolest doughnut names like: Blueberry More, Al Capone, Avocado Dicaprio, and Berry Spears. They also have this cute baby doughnuts:

J.Co Baby Doughnuts. 🙂

Those are some of the junk food I cannot resist. It is a sin not to take a bite or two or maybe a whole lot. These are all so good to pass up. I’d probably feel guilty about it when my metabolism starts to slow in a few years but what the hell. You only live once right? Eat what ever you want now cause there will come a time when your blood sugar and cholesterol levels would not allow you to do so. Live. Eat. Laugh. Love. 🙂

Last Song Syndrome

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #5

Right now, my mom’s Last Song Syndrome (LSS) is One Direction’s song “One Thing”. WTH?! Yeah, I know. Face palm moment. Really. Anyway, I for one am a frequent victim of this contagious LSS. The most recent was Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. Viral videos of this highly LSS-inducing song from celebrities and celebrity-wannabes plague the internet. Songs that cause LSS usually have one of the following characteristics:

1. Has a catchy tune.

2. Has lyrics repeated like 20 times in a 3-minute duration.

3. Has dumb lyrics (listen to Rebecca Black’s Friday).

4. The artist is popular (it’s either the artist is really good or the artist is really good… looking) so the song’s played in the radio over and over and over and over again.

5. Or the song is just so awesome that it sticks to your head like gum sticking to your hair.

Here are some of the songs that got stuck in my head and caused me days of LSS:

1. Red Solo Cup – Glee Cast

I am a Gleek and most of my LSS are from Glee. Red Solo Cup is a stupid song, even the original singer Toby Keith said so and I quote: “the stupidest song that I have ever heard in my life” but also “freakin’ awesome”. Can you blame him? I mean, really? A song about a plastic cup and its uses?! C’mon! BUT! I have to agree, it is kind of awesome. Don’t you dare lie, it got stuck in your head too. 🙂

2. Body Language – Jesse McCartney

I remember my office mates getting pissed at me singing this song all day long in the office. I couldn’t help it. Haha. It’s very catchy plus the lyrics is so fun to sing: “Parlez vous francais? Konichiwa. Come and move in my way. Hey, little chica from Guadeloupe That thing you got behind you is amazing”. Sometimes, i’d blurt the lyrics out of blue and think: “urgh, i’m singing it…AGAIN!” Haha.

3. Sugar, We’re Going Down – Fall Out Boy

This one is very close to my heart. It reminds me of my stressful college days. It automatically plays in my head when i’m nearing deadlines. Most of it is mainly because of the “we’re going down” part because I’m going down and most likely be dead because of the deadlines. I know it’s meant to be about something else but during those days I sort of took everything literally. Haha.

4. Bow Chicka Wow Wow – Mike Posner

This song is about boinking a girl. Well what do you expect from Lil Wayne. It’s not a song you’d want your little kids singing. Anyway, my friends and I went to a trip and this song got stuck in our heads. I think I heard it on the bus and I ended up singing it the whole weekend. It’s really catchy though. Give it a listen.

5. Love You Like A Love Song – Selena Gomez

Certified LSS. Listen to it you’ll hear it re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat in your head. Swear.

Getting an LSS could totally be fun and be a bummer at the same time. It sucks if you don’t know the lyrics and the people around you who’ll get to here you sing it over and over will probably ask you to apologize to their eardrums.

Here’s a bonus LSS track. This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one Bieber tune. Admit it, this song got stuck in your head like glue. Sing it with me: “Baby, baby, baby, ooooooh!”

Let The Games Begin!

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #4

Raining still. The rain is definitely a damper, I must say. When I was younger, I loved rain during weekdays and hated it on weekends. Strong rains during weekdays automatically mean no school which means longer time to sleep and I can watch the cartoons we usually miss on school days. Bad weather during weekends is just plain cruel for a 10-year old kid who loves to play outside.

The moment we step out of the house and into the yard or the street (if we’re allowed), we turn from squeaky clean to grimy, sweaty, stinky kids. All from running around and hiding in corners, dusty cabinets, or somewhere the IT can’t find us. Here are some of my top 5 childhood games:

1. Hopscotch a.k.a. PIKO

Favorite Rule: Sunog Bahay!!! *Evil Laugh*

Instead of chalk, we use pieces of broken paso (flower pots) to draw the lines and our names on our “bahay” (houses). The orange lines are way harder to erase so imagine my father’s horror when he comes home and sees our driveway full of drawings and bad hand writing.

2. Games with repeated names as titles:

2.1. Bahay – bahayan – This is basically playing house. We appoint the oldest cousin to be the mom and the only boy cousin who would play with us will be the dad and we’ll play house. We easily got bored with this so we played the next one instead.

2.2. Lutu – Lutuan – We basically pretend to be cooks. The cousins who were my age were mostly girls so during Christmas our gifts are usually the same. We always got a kitchen set. It was no fun cooking imaginary food so one time we decided to use real food like chips or nuts or whatever we can find. As soon as our moms found out we were scolded for playing with food so we eventually landed on dried leaves, flowers, and other greens we can find that will resemble vegetables. My dad had a lot of plants so we were always plucking leaves or fruits or flowers from it and he wasn’t happy about that too so we went around the block and plucked things from our neighbors’ gardens.

Julienned dried leaves and flowers? YUM! :9

2.3. Teacher – teacheran – Of course we missed school during summer breaks so we played school too! God, we were weird kids, weren’t we? Anyway, we’d appoint somebody to be the teacher and we did actual lessons like Math and Spelling. We had a little blackboard and chalk. By the end of the summer vacation we all had an-an (a skin problem from using chalk) that we cured by putting pounded ampalaya leaves on it.

 3. 10-20 (Ten Twenty)

This is one of the games we played all the time. It’s basically jumping around a garter or elastic counting by tens starting from 10 to 100. You can play by teams or individually (but you need at least 3 players or if there are only 2 players you’ll need a tree trunk or anything to hold the other end of the garter.) Here’s a better explanation from wikipidea.com:

A game involving 2 pairs, with one utilizing a stretched length of garter. One pair faces each other from a distance and has the garter stretched around them in such a way that a pair of parallel lengths of garter is between them. The members of the other pair, then begin doing a jumping “routine” over the garters while singing a song (“ten, twenty, thirty, and so on until one hundred). Each level begins with the garters at ankle-height and progresses to higher positions, with the players jumping nimbly on the garters while doing their routines.


Thank you google search for the photo. 🙂

10-20 Vocabulary:

a. “dead mother dead all” – if you play in teams, you usually have a mother or a leader. If the “mother” doesn’t finish the routine or doesn’t get it right, even if the other team members did it correctly they will loose a turn.

b. “saling pusa” or “saling kit-kit” – is a person who’s technically NOT part of the teams – because they’re too young to play or they sucked – but is still allowed to participate in the game because your aunts or the sitters saw you excluding him/her so they asserted their rights as adults and imposed if not ordered you all to let the him/her play.

c. “wider” – basically means you have to use your arms to widen the garter. Thin participants usually get this a lot. (Can’t paint you a pretty good picture, maybe I’ll post one when I get to play again.)

4. Sikyo (for us jologs) or Block 123 (for the coños) a.k.a Agawan Base

This one I learned to play at school. You have to be able to run fast and be swift enough to dodge the enemies cause if you get tagged you’ll be held captive. There are 2 teams with bases usually parallel from each other. You’ll have to chase each other and once you got a hold of the “enemy” they’ll end up as active waiting for their team mates to tag and save them. It would be hard to save team mates because of guards waiting to run after you and tag you as well.

Unang Kawal Ako!!!

5. Patintero

This is my favorite game of all time. You need a big open space where you have to draw six boxes at least (3 rows and 2 columns). Players stand and guard the lines and they should prevent the other team players to cross those line. If you one of you gets tagged all of your team mates will be IT.

“Patotot” is what we call the player who guards the line in the middle that intersects all the lines. 🙂

When I was in 6th grade, my classmates and I would play this all the time. We actually kept score and called it a tournament. We used the open space beside the old church (which is now the Shrine of St. Therese) and we’d team up, run around and try to catch the opposing teams until our lungs give out and our knees give in to exhaustion.

I had a pretty great childhood. Unlike the kids of today who sprain their fingers swiping away in their iPads and straining their eyes from too much TV or social networking – which actually in a way is anti-social because instead of talking personally they just text or tweet each other – my childhood was all about getting down and dirty…literally. It was so much fun to run around, be free, and be a kid and play outside. Scratched knees and bruises were all worth it. I wouldn’t trade the scars and awesome stories and friends for anything else.


Old Hollywood Dudes I’d Date

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While some people dream of having a big house with a pool, I’ve always dreamed of having a house with a theater complete with lazy boy seats, pop corn maker, and tons of movie posters on the wall. I love movies and that may be one of the reason why I wanted to be a writer.

Anywho, I was thinking about some of the actors I really like. If you follow me on twitter you’ll probably see pictures of Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling or Shia LaBeouf but today this post is different. The people in this list are probably foreign to readers who are fans of Justin Bieber or Chris Hemsworth. Today, I give you my list of: Old Hollywood Dudes I’d Date… (yeah, i’ve got time on my hands. *wink*)


He doesn’t even look 50!

He was born on July 3, 1962. Yup! He’s 50 years old now and I would date him. HAHA! I am such a fan girl ever since I saw Mission Impossible 2. After seeing him bouldering on those rocks, I instantly fell in love. I’ve seen most of his movies but my favorite would have to be the courtroom drama  “A Few Good Men”.

“You want to know the truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” – it was actually Jack Nicholson who said this line but Tom sure did took the truth outta him!

Of course, girls especially love him in Jerry Maguire because the whole “You complete me” scene and also in Top Gun. Here’s some more eye candy:

Maverick in Top Gun

Young version. *SWOON*

#2 – Pierce Brosnan

Aaaa. Pierce Brosnan is 59 years old but he’s still handsome. I’ve seen his Bond Movies and I think he’s the best James Bond ever!

007… 143! :))

It was easier to watch and understand the Bond movies (i’m not a fan of action flicks) because I exerted the effort to not sleep in the cinema when my parents made us come to watch it. How can you doze off if you see this face in the huge screen:

Is he looking at me right now?! *blush*

Pierce’s younger version 🙂

My favorite Pierce Brosnan movie would be Laws of Attraction. The one with Julianne Moore. Because it was just a feel good movie and they make a cute pair. 🙂 He’s also in Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief.

#3 – Chris Noth

Chris Noth is 58 years old but he still has the looks. My mom doesn’t like him and that is why I like him even more! HAHA! You probably know him as Mr. Big in the HBO series Sex in the City as Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend.

Mr. Big!

I wasn’t a fan of that series but I saw some of the episodes because I wanted to see Mr. Big and the shoes. Haha! I watch him in The Good Wife which is a good series with Julianna Margulies. He plays a politician who gets involved in a scandal that leads to his imprisonment. He was also in Law in Order.

#4 – Rob Lowe

He was in St. Elmo’s Fire. Never heard of it? It’s an 80’s film shown before I was even born but thanks to HBO I was able to see it back in high school when I had to skip class because I was sick. Swear. Anyway, here’s a photo:

Rob Lowe. ❤

He’s 48 years old now. I know. But he’s really handsome and charming in Brothers & Sisters as Kitty Walker’s (Callista Flockhart a.k.a Ally McBeal) husband Sen. Robert McCallister. Here’s an old photo for you to get exactly what I mean:

So there, that is the list of the old hollywood dudes I’d date cause they still look good inspite of the age. You’re probably confused now but you see Ryan Reynolds and even Zac Efron will grow old and hopefully they’ll age gracefully just like these men in my list. Alright, go back now to your One Direction and Big Time Rush. I’m out. 🙂

The 5 Facebook Friends We All Have


Social media has been a big part of our lives. If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, you probably live under a rock or you are one of my parents. My parents don’t have one because I forbid them to have one. Making them a Facebook account would be like intentionally banging my head on a wall. Anyway, I was browsing my news feed and found the usual posts. Some were expected, interesting and funny. Others, overbearing and sometimes inappropriate. To better understand the things that I’m saying, I give you my list of the 5 Facebook Friends We All (probably) Have:

1. The Oversharer

“Omigosh, my period is so severe it’s like a river flowing” Eeeeww. I know right? It’s not exactly an update that you’d want to see. I haven’t really actually had a Facebook friend post this but I’ve seen posts  that are running along this line. Posts with too much description of where you are or what you are doing or who you’re doing it with is a little excessive. We all want to be updated with your life that’s why we dded you as friend and it’s cool to share your life but it is so uncool to overshare. TMI = not cool.

2. The Mowdels

They’re usually the ones who love posting pictures of themselves. Most of it are actually vanity shots. They have a bagillion photos of themselves in front of a mirror taking a picture of themselves. There are some who really commit to posing. Thanks to America’s Next Top Model, we could all smize our way to a perfect profile picture.

Common poses would be the:

a. Jeje Shot – outstretch the arm holding the camera. Place it on top of your head, angled 45 degrees down to your “pa-cute” face. My cousins call it the Jeje Shot because we tagged our younger cousins as Jejemons and they super love this pose.

b. Tounge Sticking Out – aah. Basically that. Sometimes accompanied by a wink. The tongue usually sticks out on the corner of the mouth. It might be from those anime that kids watch a lot. I dunno.

c. Peace Sign and its variations – I am guilty of doing the Japan Sign (peace sign with your arms outstretched) and the Korean Sign (peace sign placed sideways close to your eyes) cause it’s fun and wholesome compared to the peace sign placed against your mouth with your tongue sticking out. I’m pretty sure it means something else.

d. Vanity Shots – guys usually have a photo topless or probably wearing gym clothes taking a photo with their flexed muscles. Maybe because they want to see if the workout pays off or something. Sometimes I think it’s gay BUT what do I know right? The girls on the other hand, do the pa-sexy shots and sometimes it doesn’t come out that way. Some would involve some cleavage and other provoking poses and sometimes I feel ashamed… in their behalf.

I find it particularly funny when after posting a pretty decent if not good photo of themselves they place a self- deprecating title for the photo like they’re fishing for compliments. Posting photos of yourself or anything you like is perfectly fine just ask yourself before hitting that post button: “If my mom/dad/lolo/lola would see this, would it be okay?”

3.  The Spammers

They’re the ones sharing those pictures of kids with sickness asking for help or links of scandals of celebrities and the like. I hate it. Especially the gory ones. I feel sorry for the people in the photo, if it’s really the case (if it’s not photo shopped) and it’s like exploitation. Also, I open my Facebook during lunch time in the office and it’s not a pretty sight to see before eating lunch.

4. The PDA’s

As mentioned in one of my posts about the 5 Types of Concert Goers, there are also PDA’s on Facebook. Maybe they just can’t contain their love for each other. That’s okay I guess. Like posting sweet nothings on special occasions or at random times could really sweep some love bugged individual off their feet but sometimes it’s just too much. I think if you really want to say something why not call or text each other. The whole world doesn’t need to know. Plus, it saves you from embarrassment especially if you guys unfortunately don’t end up with each other. Imagine the tons of photos and statuses on your timeline open for possible prospects to see. But again, what do I know. Who knows I might be cheesy on Facebook too.

5. The Ranters

Aaah. The angst ridden, emo, negative, always angry Facebook friend. We are all, at some point, guilty of posting rants or lashing out on social media. I especially set up my Twitter account just so I can rant all day long without any of my co-workers knowing it (it didn’t last long though, we all ended up following each other too so that’s that). I have this Facebook friend who probably posts 4 negative things out of 5. The Ranters hate on the weather (I do too. Sometimes. :)), on their boyfriend/girlfriend’s exes, their work, their diets, even on their lives. It’s too much bad vibes. I usually hide them on my news feed just so I won’t see them clouding my news feed with their BS about how our lives are better than theirs.

You probably know 1 or 2 of those people. Facebook is actually a guilty pleasure for me. Sometimes, I just love seeing the updates especially on old high school crushes or seeing friends having cute babies or just keeping in touch and catching up on people (which is what it’s supposed to be). There are times, I kick myself in the head for going online just to see people brag about their lifestyles or just posting things mentioned above. Though these people are sometimes worthy of sarcastic comments and public bashing we can’t hate on them or stay offline. Ever. Being offline is like living in a cave. You do miss out on a lot so even though there are some, uhm, interesting characters, we stay online. Live and let live I guess. Plus, there’s always the block, hide, and unfriend button. 🙂

PS. Do you have interesting Facebook friends too? I’d like to hear from you. Sound off in the comments. 🙂