After You. Not A Book Review.

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I just finished reading Jojo Moyes’ novel After You the sequel of the best selling book turned movie Me Before You.

I got the book as a gift from my brother 2 years ago and I decided to finally give it a go early this year. This isn’t really a review but I’d like to share how I appreciate the book because I was able to relate to it. The book revolved around how Louisa Clark is dealing with the loss of Will Traynor. It showed her journey of finding new love, learning her purpose, basically moving forward with her life. I wasn’t really jumping up and down with the book. I found some of the characters annoying like Lou & Lily but the book spoke to me in a way because it talked about grief, dealing with it, and moving on.

Here’s one excerpt I loved:


People would think you’re okay after a certain period of time. I guess that is true to some extent. But you can’t really put a deadline on grieving. When my father died, I thought I could get over it quickly given that he was sick for a long time. But after half a year, there are still days I feel like crying.

The book reminded me that it’s okay not to be okay. It’s alright to feel sad about it. You’ll be able to truly accept and live with it.  We just have to keep moving forward. Continue to live and realize that we should be glad to have been a part of each other’s lives may it be a short or long time. Stay positive because it gets better.



Happy Blogger-sary!

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Just logged on my blog after my three-month absence and I was greeted by this notification:


Apparently, today marks my 3rd year as a blogger. Wow. I was never counting so I was pleasantly surprised.  Now whatever happened that resulted to this little project of mine called “Vent-o-Machine”?

I’m taking you back to a little trip down memory lane – that’s if i could still remember – hold on to your seats and buckle up! Or maybe not, you could just sit there and scroll down. Here we go.

I’ve been wanting to have a blog back in college so i started a Multiply account called “Stop & Stare”. It wasn’t a bad blog name but it’s not very original. Haha. It came from a One Republic song and I kinda stuck with it. Anywho, after posting some photos, and a few entries – some were even imported and posted here. Check out the old old posts if you wanna see. – real life happened and I kinda neglected it.

After graduation, I landed a job that was not what I wanted really and I was so lost I didn’t know what to do with my life. I was in the middle of adjusting myself to the “real world” and I had a lot of things to say and a few people to talk to. Wait, that sounded sad. Haha. I mean,  let’s just say that everyone was busy getting their life together that I was in need of an outlet to air out whatever it was that I was feeling. I didn’t have the energy to punch the real world in the face but I had tons of energy to vent so I decided that it was the best time to start a blog and call it VENT-O-MACHINE. Yeah, I’m witty like that. Here’s my first ever post aptly called: “Stuck in a Moment”. Come to think of it, I still kinda feel like that sometimes. The fish out of water sort of feeling.

Anywho, that’s when I started to blog. For 3 years, i’ve been polluting your screens with emo posts about life, love, and everything in between. Hahaha. After 3 years, I guess, I’ve been through similar things in different places with different people. Although, I’ve read back some smack-on-the-head-worthy-posts, I hope I’ve grown both as a writer and as a person in a span of 3 years and this blog is a concrete witness of ALL the over thinking that I do.

Hope you continue to read all my crazy random shiz. 🙂 Here’s to more blogging years! Happy Anniversary! 🙂

The Tale of the Eternal 3rd Wheel

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Being single is okay. I mean, given the fact that I don’t have anything to compare it to. I guess the worst part of being one is when you are constantly a 3rd wheel and people UNINTENTIONALLY (i know, they mean well, it’s just that sometimes it all comes out wrong, anywho!) rub it in your face.


I got a call tonight from a friend asking me to come along a trip out of town.

Get this. I will be joining 3 of my guy friends and they’ll be bringing along their girlfriends.

Seriously?! I’m through being a 3rd wheel AND a 5th wheel so it’s now time for me to be the… 7th wheel?! REALLY?!

I appreciate the thought of asking to come with them but come on now. Really? Seriously? What am i supposed to do there with them, keep score or something?

I have to say that one of the worst feelings in the world next to waiting in line somewhere or being shoved in the train station during rush hour is being a 3rd wheel. I mean, 2 is a company but 3 (or even 7! for that matter.) is DEFINITELY a crowd. Can you say: A-W-K-W-A-R-D!

I don’t know, maybe, they forget. Or maybe they just really want me there. Who the hell knows.

Funny how it’s not funny at all. 🙂

Anywho. Just a thought. I’m dozing off now. I’m out. Peace!



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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #28

Tonight we’ll be going to a wake. I don’t kn0w him really but still so we’ll be going to express our condolences. I’ve always been afraid of dying and of having people I know die. I know it’s inevitable and that we can’t all live forever but just the thought of losing somebody you love or even know is just… heartbreaking.

People die because of different reasons. Some die of illnesses, others in unfortunate accidents, and there are those who take take their own lives. I feel bad for those who suffer for long periods of time battling different diseases. Although it is not easy to continue living after the doctors have told you that your days are numbered it’s still better than having to die suddenly in unfortunate accidents. At least you still have time to say goodbye to your loved ones. Accidental deaths are instantaneous but are equally sad. I think having died from illness makes it easier for people to accept the loss. The thought of them not having to experience pain is enough for people to accept the fact that they have gone to a better place.

Hearing stories of people taking their own lives is worst. It really saddens me because those people might really be having seriously bad problems that they think that the only solution to it is dying. Most people who take their lives are burdened with problems that they were not able to share or talk to somebody about. It piled inside them that they can’t take it anymore so to stop them from feeling pain or sadness they take their lives. It is very unfortunate because the deceased will leave the family and friends in grief and guilt. They’ll be haunted with the questions of why, what-ifs, and if-onlys.

I am saddened by the passing of people especially those close to us but I am even more saddened by the fact there are some people who die because they took their own lives. I hope that we are always reminded that life is wonderful however hard or sad our lives may be. Problems are called problems because they have solutions. Taking matters into our own hands is not a solution. Be strong and remain faithful. Remember that however bad a situation is, it will change.

Hoy! Pinoy Ako.

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #27

Bilang pag-gunita sa Araw ng mga Bayani (National Heroes’ Day) at Buwan ng Wika, ang entry na ito ay isusulat ko sa wikang Filipino. (In line with the celebration of the National Heroes’ and Month of the Philippine Language, this entry will be written in Filipino.)

Ako ay labis na nagagalak sapagkat sa loob ng ilang araw ay matatapos na rin ang aking Mini Project na 1 Post A Day Challenge (1PAD Challenge) para sa buwan ng Agosto. Sa puntong ito, nais kong magpasalamat sa lahat ng bumasa at tumangkilik sa blog na ito. Ngunit bago natin talakayin ang paksa ngayong araw, nais kong ipabatid na isusulat ko ang entry na ito sa impormal na Filipino sapagkat… Wit ko na keri kumuda ng pormal di ko na kaya mag-pormal pero susubukan ko pa rin. Pangako! (I swear!)

Ang araw na ito ay para sa pag-alala sa mga bayani ng ating bayan. Ako ay isang proud Filipino. Sa kabila ng kaliwa’t kanang katarantaduhan at kung anu ano pang ekis ang nagaganap dito sa bayan natin. Nandyan yung isyu ng plagiarism ni Senator Tito Sotto na tungkol sa RH Bill at ang wagas na pagtatanggol sa kanya ng mga bogs tanga tanga nyang abogado. Yung mga di matapos tapos na isyu ng korapsyon sa pamahalaan. Ang perwisyong nakuha natin matapos ang pag-dalaw ng habagat at mga bagyo. Siguro mapapa-isip ang iba kung bakit sa kabila ng lahat ng ito ay hindi na lang ako mangibang bansa at dali daling mag-apply ng panibagong citizenship.

Kahit kailan ay hindi ko naisip na lumisan dito sa ating bansa kahit na mahirap ang buhay dito. Hindi man kasing-unlad ng mga first world countries at kahit madalas i-bully ng mga Chekwa tungkol sa Scarborough Shoal at kung ano ano pa eh gugustuhin ko pa ring maging Pinoy. Bakit kamo? Heto ang mga dahilan kung bakit:

5 Dahilan Kung Bakit Ako PROUD Pinoy

1. Ang mga Pinoy ay natural na masayahin.

Kahit sa harap ng mga pagsubok nakukuha nating ngumiti. Sa tuwing mag-babalita ng tungkol sa bagyo, makikita mo ang footages ng mga nasalanta at mga stranded sa kanilang mga bubong na basa sa ulan ngunit nakatawang kumakaway sa camera. Ang unang hakbang sa pag-sagot sa mga problema ay ngiti sa mga labi. Sa tingin ko, likas tayong optimistic dahil nga sanay tayo sa hirap.

2. Ang mga Pinoy ay may matatag na pananampalataya.

86% ng populasyon ay Katoliko/Kristiyano. Pilipinas na lang ang bansa sa buong Asya ang naniniwala sa Kristiyanismo/Katolisismo. Tayo na nga lang ang walang divorce. Mabibilib ka din sa debosyon ng mga tao lalo na sa Poong Nazareno sa Quiapo at mga pistang laan para sa mga santo.  Naniniwala akong makapangyarihan ang panalangin sabi nga ng isa kong kaibigan “prayers can move mountains“.

3. Ang mga Pinoy ay mahusay sa larangan ng Sports, Sining, at iba pa.

Jose Rizal, Cory Aquino, Manny Pacquiao, Lea Salonga, Monique Lhuillier. Ilan lang sila sa maraming Pilipino na nagbibigay ng karangalan sa ating bansa sa iba’t ibang larangan. Sila ay isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit dapat mong ipagmalaki ang iyong pagka-Pilipino.

4. Ang mga Pinoy ay hospitable (hindi ko maisip kung ano ang direct translation. sorry naman. :D).

Isa sa mga sikat na traits ng mga Pinoy ang pagiging hospitable. Naaalala ko tuloy ang lola ko. Kahit na sapat lang ang pagkain sa hapag kainan yayayain pa rin ang mga bisita na sumalo sa pagkain. Kahit na wala ng pwesto para matulugan patutuluyin pa rin ang bisita. Kahit kapos handang magtiis sa ngalan ng pagtulong sa kapwa.

5. Ang Pilipinas ay puno ng magagandang tanawin at masasarap na pagkain.

Kamakailan lamang ang Puerto Princesa Underground River ay naging kabilang na ng New 7 Wonders of the World. Dito rin matatagpuan ang magagandang beaches at marami pang tourist destinations na dinadayo ng mga turista. Hindi lang yan, dito rin sa Pilipinas makikita ang pinaka-masarap na mangga at iba’t iba pang masasarap ng delicacies.

Matapos ang ilang siglo sa ilalim ng mga Kastila, ilang dekada sa ilalim ng mga Hapon at ng mga Amerikano, nakamit natin ang kasarinlan at nakabangon tayo dahil sa mga bayaning ginugunita natin ngayon. Kaya sadyang nakaka-proud maging Pinoy. Ilan lang yan sa mga dahilan kung bakit masaya sa Pilipinas at kung bakit mas masayang maging Pilipino. Totoo nga, it’s more fun in the Philippines.


Job Hunt Diaries Episode 2: Waiting…

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #17

Patience is underrated. I’m not a very patient person myself but as I grow older it proves to be a really good virtue to actually have. Not because my parents and all the books told me so but because it is true. I think that a person needs tremendous self-control and awareness to have patience.

Most things and situations ask for us to wait ergo the need to be patient. If you want to retain your sanity, you need to have a little, if not a lot, of patience going into this journey called life. Sucks, I know. I wait for a lot of things and just like most people I am impatient. Must be because of the fact that this society I live in constantly reminds me that the world is fast changing and I have to run if I want to keep up.

I am on the look out for my second job. I would go to interviews, do my best, feel like I knocked it out the park, and then patiently wait for the companies to call me back. I’d like to think that I’m doing it and handling it better than the first time I was on the job hunt. I haven’t mastered it (who has, right??) or anything but I’d like to think that I’ve become better at it. Before, I’d get so frustrated and disappointed. I felt like I was waiting for something that may never come. Eventually, all worries and doubts were put to rest when the oh-so-elusive first job arrived.

Once again, I am plunged into the uncertainty of unemployment and back into the waiting game that is the job hunt. Sometimes I still get frustrated and impatient. Fortunately, I think I’ve had enough experiences and mishaps involving rash decisions and impatience that led me to believe in the saying that patience is indeed a virtue. After you’ve done everything to make things happen, the next best thing to do is to patiently wait for results. Everything has its perfect timing. Believe that good things truly come to those who wait because they do.

Happy. Thank You. More Please.

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1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #15

I couldn’t think of anything to write about tonight because I was really tired from today’s commute. It’s payday so double the volume of people outside during rush hour. Anyway, I was browsing the internet and came across the photo above. Since I’m in a very thankful mood tonight given my achieving the half way mark in my blog challenge, I think that photo is very fit for the occasion.

Today, there are a number of things that I should be bummed about like my cardigan being caught in the cab’s door so I ended up wearing it wet inside a very cold office. Or the fact that I had to walk a long way to the terminal because the jeep we were on died in the middle of traffic. And that I had to stand in line for a solid hour just to be able to get a ride home. But because I am a slightly changed person and today is a day of being thankful, I will happily look on the brighter side. Today, I am thankful because…

1. I didn’t get a chatty cab driver today. I always, always get chatty cab drivers. I don’t really mind but it’s been a trend lately and some are verging on creepy.

2. My mom gave me a free ride home.

3. I had a good interview today.

4. My coffee this morning was just right. You see, my coffee making skills is a little bit of a hit or miss. Sometimes it’s too sweet or horribly bitter but today I got it just right. 🙂

5. The rain subsides whenever I have to walk outside and it pours in the exact moment I get inside a building or when I get to my destination. Cool huh? I thought so too! 🙂

I know these are mundane stuff but you know what, it feels good to be able to count your blessings. It doesn’t have to be major. I think that’s what most people lack these days. Being grateful. I actually have acquired that habit of saying thank you and so far it’s been good. Nobody’s been hassled plus you feel good about yourself. It’s the best habit ever.

“The key to your success is gratitude”

– from the movie, HappyThankYouMorePlease

PS. I think a congratulations is in order because I am half way through my 1PAD (1 Post A Day) Challenge for the month of August. I feel very thankful today especially to you, dear reader, who have been reading my ramblings for the past days. I feel happy, thankful, and humbled to see that people – other than my friends and family – are taking an interest in this blog. Thanks again. You are AWESOME! 🙂

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