The Sign


Last night, a plan to simply console a friend from losing a loved one became an adventure.

My friends and I went to a wake. Here in the Philippines, one of the superstitions is that one should not go straight home from a wake. You should go somewhere else to “shake off” the spirit or something.

With that ghost-haunting-you idea in our heads, we decided to follow the superstition (we’ve got nothing to loose anyway) and went straight to Mercato.


courtesy of: google.com


courtesy of: google.com

The Midnight Mercato is located at The Fort in Taguig City. It’s a foodie’s haven! The place is full of awesome food ranging from sandwiches, grilled street food like isaw, desserts, nachos, and everything in between.

Anywho, so we went and found a spot where we can leave the car. Initially we saw a sign (why did we not follow the sign?!) that said: “Notice: Your vehicle has been towed). Although there was a sign, we saw a long line of cars parked on the very same curb so we thought, what the hell, let’s park here!

After a few hours, seeing that it’s already passed 1AM, and we’ve accomplished “shaking off the spirit” and stuffing our faces with Takuyaki, Isaw, and Frankfurter sandwiches, we decided to head home.

When we got to the spot, TADA! The car was nowhere to be found! All the cars were missing, dafuq.  So we’re guessing, the sign was really there for a reason. HAHA! A guard on duty told us that the cars were, of course as it was a towing zone according to the sign, towed. We found this:


Dear Illegal Parkers,
What in the world were y’all thinking? This is a tow-away zone, obviously.
Towing Services


The Ginormous Sign that we apparently missed. HAHA!

By now, we were all laughing at our slight, alright severe, lapse of judgment by illegally parking on a curb that said we weren’t allowed to park. So there we were, 4 laughing twenty-somethings, walking towards the other side of Bonifacio Global City. Good thing, I wore flip flops.

The office was located deep inside a bus parking space/warehouse/abandoned terminal. It was like walking into a bad Pinoy action flick. Anywho, when we reached the office, the enforcer asked my friend:

Enforcer: Sir, hindi nyo ho ba nakita yung sign? (Sir, did you not see the sign?)

My Friend: Eh kasi Sir, akala namin joke lang. (Ahm Sir, we thought it was a joke.)

Enforcer: (laughs)

The enforcer probably thought we were out of our minds. HAHA. It was a great experience though. Something for the history books. It was like the equivalent of getting arrested. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that all the cars were missing. Although, we were charged a hefty sum and our friend’s license was confiscated, we all actually learned something valuable: PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGN!, we did have a nice time, in spite of everything. Trust my friends to make every experience a memorable one. I wouldn’t want to share the car-towing moment with anybody else. 🙂

A night to remember. :)

Finally, the reunion with the car aka “caru”. 😛


Deer Caught in the Headlights

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It has been a very interesting week at The Office.

I am, I must admit, still learning the ropes. Writing my very first birthday VTR for a big celebrity kinda intimidated me. The script I made was revised and was approved. Unfortunately, it had to be overhauled so technically the VTR that aired wasn’t the one I wrote. But then again, who cares now, right?! On a positive note though, I at least know now that I can write a decent one even though it didn’t air.

This week, I also did another first by flooring (meaning holding the idiot boards for the host to read) the shoot of that very first VTR. Flooring sounds so easy, right? But it’s not. When you floor, you are basically the prompter. You have to be quick and you have to have steady hands. I haven’t done it up until yesterday so imagine my horror when I learned that none of the senior writers will be there plus an infamous director will do the shoot. I must have done something right though because luckily, there are people in the shoot who were very helpful and supportive. In the end, I survived my first VTR shoot. PHEW!

Coming from a marketing and sales background (although I’m a Communications Major. Yeah I know, the career path is sort of weird. haha!), I am at times like a deer caught in the headlights at my new work. It’s understandable, I guess. I try not to be too harsh on myself when I don’t get things right. Every task is a challenge these days. Everything is just so foreign as of the moment and I think there’ll be a lot of firsts that’ll be coming my way this year… ABANGAN!

To get a better understanding of my situation, here’s a visual peg for ya!

And I was like: HUH??

And I was like: HUH??


Today, I also did flooring for the live show for the first time and as a souvenir, I got a paper cut. OUCH! Something to remind me of this very interesting week.

Trip to Subic… Why Not?!

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Upon my resignation, my friends and I planned this post summer trip to Subic. It sounded like a pretty good idea because we can unwind and relax and be as far away as possible from the worries of our day jobs (or soon to be ex-job). The night before we left for Subic, I had a send off party with my office mates and just a tip, don’t go drinking the night before a very early trip to somewhere very far. If you do though, expect scares or actual projectile vomiting and dizziness.

After a four-hour bus ride, we got to the Subic Freeport. Checked in and went to our first destination: The Tree Top Adventure. I have been itching to go there ever since I saw it featured in a local TV show. The activities are adrenaline pumping and super fun! We chose Package G: The Superman, Silver Surfer, and Interactive Free Fall.

The Supermen! 🙂

The Superman was probably our least favorite. It was first on our list and I was so nervous because I was worried I might do an all-out-Emily Rose given my situation (I was still a tiny bit hung over when we got there) but thankfully I survived. One thing though, the guys who assisted us are pretty funny, terrorizing (“Ah ma’am hawig nyo po yung nalaglag kahapon”)  and not too bad to look at (eye candy alert! HAHA).

Silver Surfer Baby!!!

Next Stop: Silver Surfer. This was my second favorite of all the activities we did. So what happens is the cable pulls you away and stops at the end. Then you sort of dangle then the cable will pull you back. It makes your insides flutter. So awesome! I screamed a whole lot.

Interactive Free Fall

The Free Fall was okay. We were placed in this sort of frame and we were pulled up and down according to the operators liking. I got to see the view from the top.

There’s this one activity called the TREE DROP. We were done with our activities but we wanted to try it out. It was the most exciting activity and terrifying, i guess. When we got there nobody was doing it so my friends and i said: WHY NOT?! So we payed another P120 i think for the Tree Drop. What happens is that you’ll be in a harness 5-stories high and you’ll be hanging face down with your arms and legs stretched out then you’ll… FALL!

The Tree Drop is Awesooooooooooooooooooooome!

It was our favorite of all the activities! I was screaming my lungs out and ran out of breath mid-scream before hitting the foam below. When the attendants got the hold of us below, I was still a little flustered and my knees were wobbly. It took a few minutes for me to recover. It was so much fun. I’d do it again! 🙂

Later that night, though we needed sleep we said why not take a walk by the bay and look around. We went to the bay and got to see the sunset and took some vanity/emo shots of each other. 🙂

Dusk by the Bay

The following day, we headed to the Zoobic Safari. The last time I went to a Zoo was in grade school, I think. I’m not really a fan but why not? So we went there and saw the tigers, ostrich, cute pigs and all the animals up close and personal.  The tour was fun and we got to see the Animal Show too.

Welcome to the Happiest Place 🙂

Karma CAMELeon

Albino Carabao

It’s a plane? No, just a bird.


It was a fun-filled 2 days. I had so much fun and I got to do the Tree Top Adventure. 🙂 It’s really morefun in the Philippines. To more trips and adventures… why not?! 🙂

Pichur Pichur!

There’s Always a First Time

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Noong Lunes, sinuggest ng isang ka-opisina na magpa- threading. Para sa mga ignoramus, ang threading ay isang proseso kung saan bubunutin ang mga buhok mo sa kilay gamit ang sinulid o thread, hence the word, threading. Pinsan sya ng plucking at shaving.

Di ko pa na-experience to kaya excited akong ma-try. Dahil excited kame, tumawag kame nung Martes para magpa-appointment ngayong araw. Apat kame, nung tumawag para magpa-appointment, dalawa lang daw ang pwede. Reserved for walk-ins daw ang ibang slot. Okay. Fine.

Come Thursday, sumugod pa rin kameng apat kahit dalawa lang ang reservation. Pag pasok namin, tatlo lang ang rooms kaya pala limited slots ang reservation/appointment. Sa unang cubicle si Jowleen, sa second ako, si ate Furla naman sa last. Si Chuck the Kidnapper ay nagmistulang bisor habang hinihintay ang turn nya.

Pinahiga ako ni ate, nag small talk onte, tinanong ko sya:

Ako: (Praning onte) Te, masakit ba magpa-ganto?

Ate: (walang ka-abog abog) Oo mam.

Ako: Hala te!

Ate: (halatang bumawi) sa umpisa lang naman mam. Hawakan mo mam ung mata mo para di maipit.

Ako: (napalunok. thank u talaga te ah)

Eto ang ekesena namen kanina:

Thank you te ah. haha! Although masakit, tolerable naman. After a few plucks parang wala na lang. Mabilis naman kaya ayos lang. Specific kong sinabi kay ate na gusto ko lang patanggal ung mga stray hair. Walangya, pagtapos namin, parang 50% ata nawala. Gubat na nga siguro talaga ung kilay ko date. Lookit!

Mas okay kesa nung last time kong pinaayos. Last time baklang bakla ngayon mukhang mataray, wicked step sister na lang daw. :))

Threading not too bad. Bushy eyebrows no more. 🙂