A few weeks back, the shuttle service was tuned in magic89.9’s Good Times with Mo, Mojo, and Grace Lee. They were talking about Tampons. Most Filipinos are not familiar with this thing. Ako nga, it wasn’t until I was in college that i first saw one. So for those who aren’t familiar, sabi ng wikipedia:

a Tampon is a mass of cotton or rayon; or a mixture of the two inserted into a body cavity or wound to absorb bodily fluid. The most common type in daily use designed to be inserted into the vagina during menstruation to absorb the flow of menstrual fluid.

In other words, para syang napkin, only smaller and creepier to use. So, earlier in the office today, an officemate brought one, kasi nga we were talking about it a few weeks back so she gave us a “sample”.

So this is what it looks like. The one on your left (ung mukhang vicks inhaler. haha) is the thing that will help you put the thing on your right (ung capsule shape na cotton na may tali) inside your vajayjay. Natatawa ko, am i saying this right?! haha!

I haven’t used one so I guess being a Tampon-virgin i’m allowed to feel creepy about it. But, on the contrary, some girls would prefer to use it rather than the conventional sanitary pads (according to wikipedia – husay talaga – even in the States they prefer to use it) . Some people also say, it’s more hygienic.


So there, I just wanted to share. Sobrang naaliw lang ako nung nakita ko sya today. Sa sobrang aliw ko, we even tested if it’s really absorbent. Sabi kasi it becomes bigger after using because of the absorption so we tried it (refer to photo above for before and below for the after photo):

Now it’s creepier! Imagine that inside you. Haha. Deym! I guess that answers my doubts about it being absorbent. 🙂 Oh well, that made my morning a lot brighter and my day a little better. I really did get a kick out of it. 🙂 Haha!