We are faced with dozens of decisions from the mundane to the life changing ones every single day.

Where do we eat? Should I go out tonight? What clothes should I wear today? Should I stay? Should I go?

Often times, we find ourselves in situations where we feel like we have no choice making us dread the fact that we have to decide on something.

But then, we are never out of a choice. We always have a choice.ย It’s the result of that decision that we are truly afraid of. It’s the consequence that we’re scared of.

Seeing that making a decision is not something that we can avoid, I guess, in the end,ย you’ll have to decide and stand by that decision.

Because at the end of the day, not knowing and living with endless questions of “what-ifs” and “what-could-have-beens” is worse than the fear of making a choice.ย May it be good or bad, right or wrong. Either way, it’s the risk you have to take.