#SG2016: Stop SingLishing Me, I Panic Lah.


So I just got back from my trip to Singapore and i’m having a little bit of separation anxiety (read: hangover) from my short-lived but nevertheless fun vacation.

My childhood friends and I have always wanted to travel together but since they all have gone to different countries for work there are only three of us left here in the Philippines, one is in California, one is in Dubai, while the other two are in Singapore. Due to life happening to all of us, Dale and Faith can’t just go and fly halfway across the world, Lorainne can’t just leave work and the kids and come with us so Pam and I decided to push through and visit Ejay and Byron in Singapore!


Changi Airport

It was Pam’s first out of the country trip so she was a little bit praning in immigration while i’m a little bit praning about the Zika virus outbreak in Singapore so I brought a bottle of insect repellent and a box of mosquito patch good for four people.


Anyway, to say that their airport was beautiful would be an understatement, I mean, they have an MRT station inside the airport! Giving you easy access to anywhere in the city. How freaking cool is that?

We stayed at the J8 Hotel in the corner of Townshend Road and Maude Road, Lavender, Jalan Besar.


J8 Hotel

For our first night, our friends took us to Chinatown for dinner. There were a lot of people, tourists mostly, enjoying different kinds of food available in that stretch of food stalls. Varied choices from stir-fried stuff, authentic Singaporean laksa, Satay, Indian Prata, and Ramen among other tasty stuff (i’m not really good with the food description, i figured! haha)

Day 2 – we had the whole day to ourselves. So while our friends went to work, we roamed around the city and the best thing we did was to buy that expensive local sim card! (Thanks to our sponsor/ ninong Ejay) Hahaha! It was 15SGD (Php 525) with 100gb (Whoa?!) of data and enough credits for call and text valid for the rest of our stay so it was worth it because you know what, we did get lost! It took us 30 minutes to find that freaking taxi stand and in one of our taxi rides the driver even dropped us off at the wrong place so thank goodness for their organized trains we we’re able to go to the River Safari, The Orchard Road, and the Ion Orchard Tower (which was closed unfortunately).

That night, after a hearty meal at Astons we went to the Gardens by the Bay to see the lights and sounds show which was A-MAH-ZING to say the least. We then went to the Marina Bay Sands for more must-have travel photos and that building just blows my mind. The architecture was genius. I can’t wrap my head around how they made that beautiful building. So after, we went to the bay front to go see that famous Merlion. The Grand Prix was in full swing so some of the roads were closed we had the walk all the way around and I tell you, it was faaaaaaar! I have never walked that much in my life! But, it was the best way to see and experience the city. Walk the streets with the locals and the other tourists. It was a new and exciting place with everything waiting to be seen and explored. It was so much painful for my feet but it was so good for my heart and soul. 🙂

The third day was meant for buying pasalubong so we went to Bugis Center. It was one of my favorite places. The boutiques in Orchard Road was too expensive for me so Bugis was right up our alley. We also went to Madame Tussaud’s and The Universal Studios later that day and it was like when we were kids and we would go on field trips together. It was also like all of us going to Star City but only with better rides, longer queues (with remarkable smell), and a whole lot of people we don’t understand.


With all the fun things we got to do, new places i got see, the precious time spent with people who are very dear to me, i’m finding it hard to go back to that “work mode” just yet. I am truly thankful for having life long friends who were so accommodating. I can’t thank you guys enough for making time for us and making us libre. You guys are the best!!!

This Singapore adventure made me realize how friendships really stand the test of time and even distance. I am amazed how we still don’t know some things about each other (Pam wants to sleep with a little bit of light on, who knew Ejay & Byron could be so patient and accommodating with us lost girls haha!) despite the fact that we’ve known each other almost all our lives. Coming from the same place and being together in a completely new and different one together and sharing this adventure was truly awesome. I wish we could all do it again together with the whole barkada.


The trip was a good reminder of how there’s more to life, you know. There’s so much of the world we have to see and explore. I’m so excited to go out of the country and meet new people and experience different cultures. It was such a great trip and I’m stoked to travel more in the coming years!




The Sign


Last night, a plan to simply console a friend from losing a loved one became an adventure.

My friends and I went to a wake. Here in the Philippines, one of the superstitions is that one should not go straight home from a wake. You should go somewhere else to “shake off” the spirit or something.

With that ghost-haunting-you idea in our heads, we decided to follow the superstition (we’ve got nothing to loose anyway) and went straight to Mercato.


courtesy of: google.com


courtesy of: google.com

The Midnight Mercato is located at The Fort in Taguig City. It’s a foodie’s haven! The place is full of awesome food ranging from sandwiches, grilled street food like isaw, desserts, nachos, and everything in between.

Anywho, so we went and found a spot where we can leave the car. Initially we saw a sign (why did we not follow the sign?!) that said: “Notice: Your vehicle has been towed). Although there was a sign, we saw a long line of cars parked on the very same curb so we thought, what the hell, let’s park here!

After a few hours, seeing that it’s already passed 1AM, and we’ve accomplished “shaking off the spirit” and stuffing our faces with Takuyaki, Isaw, and Frankfurter sandwiches, we decided to head home.

When we got to the spot, TADA! The car was nowhere to be found! All the cars were missing, dafuq.  So we’re guessing, the sign was really there for a reason. HAHA! A guard on duty told us that the cars were, of course as it was a towing zone according to the sign, towed. We found this:


Dear Illegal Parkers,
What in the world were y’all thinking? This is a tow-away zone, obviously.
Towing Services


The Ginormous Sign that we apparently missed. HAHA!

By now, we were all laughing at our slight, alright severe, lapse of judgment by illegally parking on a curb that said we weren’t allowed to park. So there we were, 4 laughing twenty-somethings, walking towards the other side of Bonifacio Global City. Good thing, I wore flip flops.

The office was located deep inside a bus parking space/warehouse/abandoned terminal. It was like walking into a bad Pinoy action flick. Anywho, when we reached the office, the enforcer asked my friend:

Enforcer: Sir, hindi nyo ho ba nakita yung sign? (Sir, did you not see the sign?)

My Friend: Eh kasi Sir, akala namin joke lang. (Ahm Sir, we thought it was a joke.)

Enforcer: (laughs)

The enforcer probably thought we were out of our minds. HAHA. It was a great experience though. Something for the history books. It was like the equivalent of getting arrested. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that all the cars were missing. Although, we were charged a hefty sum and our friend’s license was confiscated, we all actually learned something valuable: PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGN!, we did have a nice time, in spite of everything. Trust my friends to make every experience a memorable one. I wouldn’t want to share the car-towing moment with anybody else. 🙂

A night to remember. :)

Finally, the reunion with the car aka “caru”. 😛


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Feb-ulous Challenge Day 25

I love… my friends.

Treat your family like friends and your friends like your family.

And I do. These days, my parents and I, we’re more like friends now. Giving advice and talking like normal people. Unlike before when they would lecture me on every single thing the way parents do. Anywho, my friends on the other hand have become my second family.

My longest friendship is with my childhood friends who I met back in elementary. We bonded over school yard games like sikyo and patintero, foundation day rehearsals, and a common agenda to make fun of a teacher we all once had the opportunity to share a room with.

Maybe it’s because we had a small school that we all gravitated towards each other. When high school came, we went to different schools and the ones who were in the same school with me, we didn’t share the same classes. Despite that, we all managed to keep in touch. Amazing right? Cellphones were not really our thing back then. I remember we’d call each other on the phone to set a date for hanging out. During summer breaks, we’d go to each of our houses to pick each other up if we were hanging out. Because there were no texting or doorbells, we’d stand outside the gates and go: “Tao po? Tao po? Good afternoon po. Nandiyan po ba si _______” (Hello? Good afternoon. Is _______ there?)


Circa 2010: One Christmas photo missing one our friend who migrated to the States.

They truly are like family. They raid my refrigerator like it’s nobody’s business. I can tell them anything and they wouldn’t judge. They have accepted me for being the neurotic, paranoid, over thinking, and sometimes delusional person that I am. And never. Not once. Have I ever felt judged.

A few years, adventures, heartbreaks, almost relationships, life changing situations, and petty fights , tears, and lots of laughs later we are all still together. We actually take the time out of our busy lives and schedule dinner dates, movie dates, drinking sessions, and if we’re lucky and loaded, even an out of town trip. I am truly blessed to have found people who are different from who I am and yet have the same wavelength. How cool is that. These amazing individuals are definitely for keeps.

Before and After

Before and After

I Love Me Some Cupcakes!

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Feb-ulous Challenge Day 7

I love cupcakes! 🙂


After much prodding for a taste of her awesome baking, my good friend Camille brought these tasty carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (I ate three from that box. YUM!). :9 I cannot find reasons not to love cupcakes. It doesn’t only look good. It tastes even better. 🙂 Cupcakes fall under my comfort food list next to a bag of chips and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge ice cream.

I wanted to learn how to bake. Maybe because I’ve seen too many episodes of Cake Boss and DC Cupcakes. It always amazes me how pastry chefs make awesome displays of mouth watering cupcakes from scratch. For me, baking is a very cool hobby that I don’t think I can pull off. Haha. I remember wishing to just have a friend who bakes/cooks instead. I’m not much of a baker/chef, I’m more of an… eater! 😛 Let me tell you something though, I’m may not be the best person to be left alone in the kitchen to make stuff but I am one helluva dishwasher. I’m like Yoda when it comes to dishes.

Anywho, these cupcakes made my day. Maybe someday I’ll try my hand in making cupcakes too but until then I’ll just have to eat them instead.


Yummeh! :9




Dine, Whine, and Sing Your Heart Out.

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Feb-ulous Challenge Day 4 & 5

Here’s the sitch, I wasn’t able to post yesterday because I was out and about discovering new places with my new work friends.

Thinking about what to write about I figured two things that I love to do.

1 – Going Out

I was never the outgoing the type. Let me tell you now that I am, probably, one of those boring people you’ll ever know. When I was younger, so much younger than today, (WENK. WENK. WENK. :D) I never really went clubbing or pretty much anything that required me to stay out late and be intoxicated in some random packed place full of teenagers busting allowance. You see, I had strict parents who gave me a set of rules that I had to follow. Admittedly, I hated them a little bit back then because I felt like I was missing out on a lot of things but then I realized maybe it was all for the best.

Now that I am basically parent-supervision-free I can do whatever I want, I am making up for lost time. I make it a point to go out twice a week to meet up with friends to de-stress from our stressful lives (read: rant and whine about how our careers suck at the moment) or to just simply catch up. My friends and I usually go out for dinner or if we’re in the mood we go drinking (responsibly that is! :)).

HS peeps

Catch-up sessions with my high school friends.

dips central

Meet my favorite drinking buddies: my childhood friends. 🙂

The other thing I also love to do when I go out is: VIDEOKE!

I am a self-confessed Videoke Queen! 🙂 I’m not the best singer. That is a fact but I love to sing. It’s a common love among my friends. I remember going to a videoke place where we got to record 10 songs. When we got the CD, we listened to it on our way home and ended up laughing our butts off. I even copied the songs to my Ipod and whenever I hear it, I always find myself smiling.

Oh by the way, here’s my videoke piece:

Alanis Morisette sings the story of our lives. Awesome. 🙂

Before I conclude this post, I remembered. A few years ago, I’ve decided to go out more. Why you ask? When I sort of decided that I wanted to be writer, I figured that I had to go out there, explore, and get a lot of life experiences to pull it off. So that’s exactly what I’m doing now, going out, discovering what’s out there, and collecting experiences that might come in handy in the future. Who knows, right?

The Tale of the Eternal 3rd Wheel

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Being single is okay. I mean, given the fact that I don’t have anything to compare it to. I guess the worst part of being one is when you are constantly a 3rd wheel and people UNINTENTIONALLY (i know, they mean well, it’s just that sometimes it all comes out wrong, anywho!) rub it in your face.


I got a call tonight from a friend asking me to come along a trip out of town.

Get this. I will be joining 3 of my guy friends and they’ll be bringing along their girlfriends.

Seriously?! I’m through being a 3rd wheel AND a 5th wheel so it’s now time for me to be the… 7th wheel?! REALLY?!

I appreciate the thought of asking to come with them but come on now. Really? Seriously? What am i supposed to do there with them, keep score or something?

I have to say that one of the worst feelings in the world next to waiting in line somewhere or being shoved in the train station during rush hour is being a 3rd wheel. I mean, 2 is a company but 3 (or even 7! for that matter.) is DEFINITELY a crowd. Can you say: A-W-K-W-A-R-D!

I don’t know, maybe, they forget. Or maybe they just really want me there. Who the hell knows.

Funny how it’s not funny at all. 🙂

Anywho. Just a thought. I’m dozing off now. I’m out. Peace!


Blame It On The Aaaaaalcohol

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I’m on sick leave today.

The verdict will be next week and I’ve been doing shitty articles since Monday. You know what’s funny. I’m seated beside the editors and I can see them stroke their faces, or touch their temples, and put their hands together as if praying out of frustration. Damn! I might have really written down some stupid stuff. Haha!

Here’s what happened. I was writing an article for plumbing. Again. When the editor called me over. There was a confusion about certain terms I used for a product data management company (yeah, i know, what the hell does that company do?!). When I was writing that one, I must admit I was a little hung over still from my night out with my high school friends and this guy:


It was a really fun day, I must admit, BUT i kinda paid for it the day after. At work. So anyway, I was writing the article and I couldn’t think of juicy things to put in. The tequila was running in my veins, I was sleepy as hell, and my mind is occupied with all the singing, bowling, eating, and drinking that we did the night before (it was really awesome, though :)).

Tuesday came and I’m still a little bit out of it. It took me two hours to come up with a legit article for mortgages and loans. I’m sort of sucking right now. The editors always say that my sentences are too long with a whole lot of ideas in them and that I don’t let the reader breath. –> just like this one. Haha!

I don’t resent them  though. If I’d been there a few years back, I maybe would feel really bad for the criticisms but right now I think, they’re just doing their jobs. It’s nothing personal. I can’t be good at everything. I guess you have to be bad at it first before it gets better.

I don’t know if it’s still the tequila talking but i just needed time off of the roofing, plumbing, car dealerships stuff. Plus, I was really feeling sick this morning. Pinky promise. I don’t expect you to understand or like this post. I just gotta say it. Or post it? If I don’t get to sign another contract next week, I’m okay with that. If I do get to sign one though, I guess I’ll have to suck it up for a good 6 months before flaking out. The small talks are painful but the hours can be fast. If there’s some things I learned this week/weekend it’s this:

1. I suck at bowling.

2. I hate mortgages and loans.

3. The elevator rides in my new office building suck.

4. Never EVER drink tequila on a Sunday night. Cause payback’s a bitch.


5. A hang over is worth it if you did the shots with old friends. 🙂

PS. If you’re thinking about the point of all of this, stop. Just stop. Because it doesn’t have any. Mmkay. Thanks. Bye.


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