After a whole month of being on an unofficial and unintentional blogging hiatus… i’m back!

So how have you guys been? Me? Well, to say that I’ve been busy is an understatement. Work has consumed most of my hours but I am not complaining because… DRUM ROLL PLEASE! My training days are over!!! Can you believe it?! I passed the evaluation and I survived!!! (Can you feel the intensity and excitement with all the exclamation points?!?! :))

Who would have thought that I’d actually be a legit writer Β for a big TV network?? I mean, it is something that I wanted to do – yeah – but a year ago I was so sure that I wouldn’t get a job like this. I thought i’d be stuck in a cubicle somewhere in Makati and be an office drone for the rest of my waking life.

Everything is just so surreal. You might think that I’m over reacting but I guess it’s just too big of a deal to not feel ecstatic about. Looking back on last week’s evaluation meeting with the head writers and executive producer, I was all teary-eyed, and I probably looked like an idiot shaking their hands after they told me I got the job.

The script deadlines, writer’s block, the screaming directors, the annoying people, the bubog-nights, stressful but exciting live shows, the trainee bullies, the get-togethers I missed, the out of town trips I wasn’t able to come to, the long hours of commute, and the hundreds of pesos for taxi fares during late night pack-ups, were all worth it because I got the freakin’ job.

I’m not just a writer wannabe who rants and posts random stuff on the blogosphere anymore. I’m actually a writer for a living. How cool is that? I just feel so happy and proud. I feel like all the career choices I’ve made have lead me to this. Now that I’m here, it’s time to start living the dream. πŸ™‚