Feb-ulous Challenge Day 28

I love… finishing a challenge.

Alas! My Feb-ulous Challenge ends tonight. There is an awesome sense of accomplishment in being able to complete something.

This writing challenge I imposed on myself was supposed to be a simple distraction. Something that will keep my mind off of the unnecessary stressful thinking I’ve been constantly doing. I was so caught up with everything that’s going on with work. My mind was on overdrive that it came to a point that my body wants to sleep but my mind is still up and running so I had to find a way to “disperse” all the energy brought about by my sickness: over thinking.

As it turns out, it was more than just a distraction. It was, I think, a reality check of some sort. Given the fact that my mind is all over the place thinking about not so happy thoughts, writing about things that I love no matter how deep or random, has proven to be therapeutic.

This whole thing made me realize a few important things. First, is that there are a few people who really really matter in my life. I guess, when it comes to that, quality is waaaay more important than quantity. I have wonderful parents, brother, relatives and a bunch of crazy and awesome friends. And the simple fact of knowing that makes all the stressful stuff – like being under the scrutiny of people – a lot more bearable.

Second, I am reminded of why I wanted to write in the first place. I’ve been thinking about what I was gonna do with my life. Once I got the “dream job” at The Office and after the immersion started, it got me to thinking if I was cut out for the job. I started doubting myself if I had the guts, the wits, or the talent to actually write for a living. Then I started to write about things I’m passionate about for this challenge. Simple, random things I really love like books, music, movies, and television. A light bulb lit up and I thought: “Ha! Now that’s why I wanted to write!”. I want to write and create something that will inspire people. I don’t know, I might make it big someday and inspire say, a twenty-something girl to blog and be a writer too.

Lastly, I realized that I am blessed with an awesome life which I tend to forget sometimes. I know, my bad. With all the crazy things happening and all the negativity, I kinda get side tracked at times. For a time, I felt like I was just ranting about how things sucked. I lost focus and I needed this project to put me back on track and to remind me of what is important.

So there, the seemingly random writing challenge become a sort of breakthrough, who would’ve thought?! Anywho, the Feb-ulous Challenge is a success! Yay!!!

PS. I’d just like to thank you for actually reading, liking, and following this blog. You. Are. Awesome. Stick around for more random, sometimes funny, and even profound (can you believe that?!) posts. Thanks again! 🙂