Feb-ulous Challenge Day 25

I love… my friends.

Treat your family like friends and your friends like your family.

And I do. These days, my parents and I, we’re more like friends now. Giving advice and talking like normal people. Unlike before when they would lecture me on every single thing the way parents do. Anywho, my friends on the other hand have become my second family.

My longest friendship is with my childhood friends who I met back in elementary. We bonded over school yard games like sikyo and patintero, foundation day rehearsals, and a common agenda to make fun of a teacher we all once had the opportunity to share a room with.

Maybe it’s because we had a small school that we all gravitated towards each other. When high school came, we went to different schools and the ones who were in the same school with me, we didn’t share the same classes. Despite that, we all managed to keep in touch. Amazing right? Cellphones were not really our thing back then. I remember we’d call each other on the phone to set a date for hanging out. During summer breaks, we’d go to each of our houses to pick each other up if we were hanging out. Because there were no texting or doorbells, we’d stand outside the gates and go: “Tao po? Tao po? Good afternoon po. Nandiyan po ba si _______” (Hello? Good afternoon. Is _______ there?)


Circa 2010: One Christmas photo missing one our friend who migrated to the States.

They truly are like family. They raid my refrigerator like it’s nobody’s business. I can tell them anything and they wouldn’t judge. They have accepted me for being the neurotic, paranoid, over thinking, and sometimes delusional person that I am. And never. Not once. Have I ever felt judged.

A few years, adventures, heartbreaks, almost relationships, life changing situations, and petty fights , tears, and lots of laughs later we are all still together. We actually take the time out of our busy lives and schedule dinner dates, movie dates, drinking sessions, and if we’re lucky and loaded, even an out of town trip. I am truly blessed to have found people who are different from who I am and yet have the same wavelength. How cool is that. These amazing individuals are definitely for keeps.

Before and After

Before and After