Feb-ulous Challenge Day 19 & 20

I love breakfast food!

I’m not really a morning person. When I was younger, waking up early was a challenge. My mom is the only person who can wake me up without making me throw tantrums. I didn’t like alarm clocks before because interrupting a peaceful sleep early in the morning with a noise barrage from the clock will definitely throw me off and I’d be cranky the whole day. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

The consolation I get for being an early riser is the breakfast. My mom’s not the best cook but she has her moments and I think she has perfected making us breakfast food. Since my schedule does not require me to wake up really early anymore, I can wake up after lunch, crave for breakfast food, and still manage to eat some because my mom makes sure she saves some for me. There was even a time when I’d eat a bowl of cereal right before I go to bed.

Here are the top breakfast food I love:

Disclaimer: I’m not much of a photographer and unlike other people, i’m not really into taking pictures of food – with exceptions of several occasions, of course – so the photos in this post are grabbed from the internet. 🙂

1. Cereal

Since I was a kid who didn’t like to be an early riser, it was hard to feed me in the morning. I’d sit on the dining table stare at my food or fall asleep even (that is why I was always late), so my go to breakfast was, cereal. It’s quick to prepare and easy to devour. I also learned that they’re great snacks even without the milk. I’d munch on Honey Stars like pop corn. My personal favorites are Kellogg’s Frosties and Post Honey Bunches of Oats with Real Strawberries.


breakfast of the champs.


it does have real strawberries in it. 🙂


2. French Toast

My mom is the French Toast master. She makes the best french toast in the South of my village! :)) I don’t actually know how she cooks it but I sure know that it tastes awesome with a lot of syrup together with a hot cup of coffee. When I was still working for a publishing company, I’d bring my co-workers some of my mom’s famous french toast and we’d eat it for lunch.


Ze french toast is lurve. ❤


3. Pancakes with Bacon and Eggs

Ever seen the movie “America’s Sweethearts”? I especially loved the scene where Billy Crystal came and talked to Julia Roberts at the restaurant after she found out that John Cusack might get back together with Catherine Zeta Jones so she was like binge-eating and chowing down tons of pancakes, bacons, and eggs. After seeing that, I wanted John Cusack to pick her over Catherine but most of all I wanted Julia to… give me some of those delicious breakfast food!





Kiki: Excuse me miss? Can I have some butter?!