Feb-ulous Challenge Day 16

I love teen-oriented shows. :))

While some people love to watch telenovelas/teleseryes, I, on the other hand, love to watch teen-oriented series (or any series actually) syndicated from the States. Ever since we got cable service, I seldom watch locally produced series anymore unless I really really liked the actors playing the characters.

I guess, the stories of the local series have become very formulaic and every single protagonist is a victim of poverty, power hungry dudes, evil relatives who want them dead, and god forbid, amnesia! Foreign series appeal to me more especially the teen-oriented ones because it’s a glimpse of what their culture is like. It’s cool how we are from a different place and culture and yet the teens everywhere deal with the same issues.

My Top 3 Favorite Teen-Oriented Shows

1 – One Tree Hill


I loved this show! Mostly because of Peyton and Lucas. They just look so great together. The show is about high school and basketball. The story’s lead character Lucas has a thing for Peyton who is the girlfriend or soon to be ex-girlfriend of Β his estranged half-brother, Nathan who lives with their douche-y dad, Dan who killed his brother Keith who has a thing for Lucas’ mom. That is not even half of what’s going on in Tree Hill. The people are so complicated with all their anger, issues, and insecurities that you cannot not stay tuned every single week. Oh they have an awesome soundtrack too!

2 – Gossip Girl

xoxo, gossip girl

xoxo, gossip girl

The kids of the upper east side. This is one of the shows I didn’t expect to love but Blair Waldorf, although a spoiled brat and a major bitch, is so pretty that you love to hate her cruel ways and just love her, her headbands, and her nanny: Dorota. She is best friends with Serena Van Der Woodsen, the scandalous wild child of the upper east side. Their friendship is tested by a beautiful boy named, Nate Archibald (I so love NATE!!!) who is best friends with Chuck Bass who hates on Dan Humphrey, a poor kid who happens to live in a rich kid’s world together with all these spoiled rich kids. Everything they do or don’t do is either text blasted or posted on an online gossip page by, tada, Gossip Girl. The fashion is great and the soundtrack too but the best part of the show, I must say, is the complicated relationships and ridiculous drama among these rich and beautiful teenagers who live in New York. I mean, are they or are they not gonna end up with each other? Is the ex-boyfriend going to be a step-brother? It’s sooo crazy, you gotta watch it.

3 – Glee

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Okay. I know haters gon hate but I love Glee. I mean what’s not to love? It’s a show that talks about teen issues like cliques, bullying, peer pressure, and teen pregnancy with humor and then everybody suddenly bursts into a full on production number. It’s awesome! It’s well-written, funny, and the songs are great. They have talented actors who pull it off even if they don’t look like high school kids I am sold. I even have the songs in my Ipod and sometimes I think their versions are better than the original. Kudos, Ryan Murphy!

If there’s something I don’t like about these TV shows, it would be, well, the characters don’t look like high school kids at all. In every single one of those shows, every body gets with every body. The hook-ups make every thing else more complicated. It does work on some story lines though but in some shows it just makes some characters skanky. On the other hand, maybe that’s what makes the show interesting. The complicated stories (some engaging others totally irritating) and eye candies are definitely the reasons why these shows are such guilty pleasures.