Feb-ulous Challenge Day 15

I love… water.

Yeah. I do. Just like every single person here in the planet. You know why I have this sudden urge to write about why I love water? Well, our water supply’s been cutoff since last Tuesday.

It sucks. There was a mix up with the water services company and now we are paying the freakin’ price.

Two Reasons Why Getting The Water Supply Cutoff Sucks

1 – I’m forced to workout. Our bathroom is located at the 2nd floor of my house and the water supply is outside the house. Every single morning, I need to carry a heavy bucket of water up two flights of stairs. A bucket of water is not as fun as a bucket of KFC chicken. IT.IS.NOT.FUN…AT ALL.

2 -I have to make do with one bucket of water. I’m not vain or anything but there are necessary shower procedures I have to do say, keep my hair from being frizzy all day. Fact. Girls, especially girls with hair like mine, need condition their hair after shampooing and a bucket ain’t enough to rinse all of it. Not only is my hair frizzy, it’s all tangled up for days now. Urgh.

SIGH. Sorry bout that, didn’t mean to rant but I guess I just want to have clean water running in our pipes. I just want to have a legit shower. I mean, I’d give my noisy neighbor’s right hand for our water supply to come back soon.

You really don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. I miss you, clean water. Come back soon.