Feb-ulous Challenge Day 13

I love shopping for books!

E-books are now a thing thanks to the Ipads and tablets that everybody’s going gaga over. But me? I prefer the real thing.

When I was younger, bookstores were only places to buy school supplies, notebooks, pens, everything but once I got into reading I’d hang out in bookstores more and look around for… well, books, of course. While girls my age loved to window shop for clothes, I window shopped for books. I’d spend a lot of time snooping around checking open samples of titles that might be interesting to read. Back in college, I remember reading half of a book in the store. I stopped when I saw the sales lady eyeing me like I’m a bad person privately reading instead of buying. Well, I was! Haha! A week after that, I returned to the store and saw a sign plastered in the shelf: “NO PRIVATE READING”. :))

Shopping for books for me is a great therapy. If I’m having a bad day, I’d stop by a book store, browse some titles, buy a book, and I go home and feel happy and excited to read my latest purchase. Bad day forgotten. A-ma-zing!

Erm. Got carried away so I bought four. :P

Erm. Got carried away so I bought four. ๐Ÿ˜›

Although some people prefer e-books or even audio books, I think, nothing beats theย feel of the paper in my hands. The turning of every page and most especially the smell of a book. That, my friends, is why I still go crazy over books.