Feb-ulous Challenge Day 11

I love the beach!


There are many great places here in the Philippines and that includes the amazing beaches. It is actually one of my life’s goal, to tour the Philippines and see the beautiful beaches all over the country.

I have mentioned in previous posts that every year my whole family goes swimming. When I was younger, we didn’t go to resorts and private pools. We would always go to the beach for our annual out of town family trip. We would go swimming in Batangas or Cavite. Looking at old photos, I can still remember the feel of the hot sand on my toes and the warm breeze that sweeps the shore. With our salbabidas, my cousins and I would float around waiting for the big waves while our bigger cousins make sand castles or bury one of our slightly drunk uncles in the sand. While we bask in the heat of the sun, my lola, titos, and titas would start grilling fish, pork, hotdogs, and slice watermelons for all of us. After a long day in the beach, we’d go home and at night when I lie in my bed, I can still feel the waves as if i’m still floating in the water. A few days later, I’d be sun burnt covered with a mixture of baking soda, aching all over but totally excited for the next trip. Aaaah. Memories of my childhood. 🙂

Out of all the beaches I’ve been to so far, my favorite would have to be the beaches in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. A few years ago, I tagged along my cousin and her friends and went to Palawan for a random out of town trip. We toured the city and saw the awesome Underground River (which is BTW one of the new 7 wonders of nature) but I must say that the highlight of our trip was the beach and the islands we went to.


Ze Starfish Island



Pandan Beach

Oh the white sand, the cool breeze, the coconut trees, and everything else is just simply awesome. I didn’t want to go home! It’s just a nice place to just relax for a little bit and shut out your stressful city life. Plus, it brings back a lot of happy childhood memories. 🙂


YAY! The Jump Shot, the next favorite cam pose to the Wacky Shot. 😛