Feb-ulous Challenge Day 10

I love music!

I’ve been a music lover ever since I can remember. The first song I can remember from my childhood is “Rain” by Donna Cruz.

(Shudders) It’s corny, I know. But whenever I hear the song, it brings me back to my childhood when our house was still made of wood and there are no Ipods or CD players. We then owned a karaoke. For readers born in the early to mid-90’s, you’re probably clueless of what I’m talking about. It’s a big black box that plays cassette tapes and FM/AM radio. It looked something like this:


BUT with lesser buttons and way bigger.

Anywho, so that’s where it all started. I started listening to the legendary OPM band, The Eraserheads, because of my brother’s influence. He also loved alternative rock so I grew up listening and loving bands like Oasis, Third Eye Blind, Matchbox 20, Sugar Ray, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others.

I grew up watching MTV and I can still remember Britney Spear’s “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” play over and over on MTV fresh. In the mid-90’s boy bands and pop stars ruled the airwaves so my playlist is pretty much composed of Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC, and all those other songs that were soundtracks of every school foundation performance in elementary school.

Over the years, my taste in music has expanded. I listen to all types of music but I’m more of a pop-rock type of person. I looove Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, and Paramore. I also love John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Robbie Williams, and Sara Bareilles.

I can’t leave the house without my Ipod. My best travel buddy is my music. I even have my special playlist packed with feel good songs to set the mood of my commute to and from work. I love music because it can change your mood. An old song can easily bring back memories which is why it’s so cool. Music affect us in so many ways that it becomes a part of who are (Naks! Nagpaka-profound lang!).  It’s amazing how I can calm down just by listening to my favorite tunes. I can’t imagine life without music. Nuff said!

PS. Oh by the way, this is what a cassette looks like:


“Paki-play nga yung Oops! I did it again, fast forward mo na lang. Side B yun!” 😛