Feb-ulous Challenge Day 6

I love shades.

I wore corrective glasses for 10 straight years. Yup. I had braces, bad acne, and wore glasses all throughout high school. Here’s a picture for ya:

miss geek

Dear Readers, meet my 14 year-old self. K. Thnx. Bye.

I was deprived of wearing shades for a decade so once I could actually wear one I got happy and bought a pair… or more.

Here’s my first ever (and only, actually) shades splurge:



It’s an original Benetton red and black wayfarers with a lot of zeros in the price tag. I was with my co-workers and we saw this baby on sale at the mall. Here’s the sitch: great shades + sale + peer pressure + zero percent interest on a credit card = PURCHASED!

Since then, I’ve been buying shades whenever I can but I get the ones which are way less expensive than that. Here’s my most recent buy and my favorite as of the moment:

Best Buy: Off the rack Brown Shades

Best Buy: Off the rack Brown Shades

It didn’t cost as much as my first buy. I was so happy when I bought this because aside from the fact that it looks great on me (I sweeeaaaar!) it was on sale… Score! I like it because it’s stylish and I can wear it with anything. Eye protection is cool too. The lenses have this UV ray protection thingy. Or at least that what the lady told me. πŸ™‚


My Favorite Pairs

DO’s and DON’Ts in Buying The Best Pair of Sun Glasses:

1. Don’t be blinded by brands. I know. I was a victim of this one too. I am, sometimes, brand conscious but after my first sun glasses splurge I figured that it’s not a wise financial decision.

2. Do choose a frame that suits the shape of your face. If you do this, a 100-peso sun glass bought from the bangketa can look like it’s worth thousands.

3. Don’t mind the sales lady giving you the stink-eye while trying on some shades at the mall. I get this a lot. I don’t know if I look like a shoplifter or if these mall employees are just judgmental. Anywho, REMEMBER: an accessory might be good to look at but it’s better if you try it on and see how it fits. This also applies to clothes. πŸ™‚

So there, I hope we now share my love for sun glasses. Go get yourself a pair and remember my do’s and don’t. Mmkay? πŸ™‚