Feb-ulous Challenge Day 3

I love… long drives.

Just got home from work. I wasn’t able to catch the train so I had to take a cab. Unfortunately, the taxi didn’t have a stereo so I sat there looking out thinking of what to write for today’s entry. As we drove along the now almost empty streets of the metro I realized how much I loved long drives. It’s relaxing and helps clear your head especially if there’s someone else who’ll do the actual driving (I suck at driving). πŸ™‚

Long drives are best for sound tripping or simply bonding. I remember every year, during summer, my whole family goes swimming somewhere probably in Laguna and my cousins and I would always look forward to the trip. It always feels like a school field trip full of noisy kids eating, singing, and chatting away.

Oh what i’d give for a road trip right now.

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