Feb-ulous Challenge Day 2


Meet Inggo. He is six.

He’s my cousin Matty’s play mate.

This seemingly innocent kid was the one who planted a giant stone on my cousin’s forehead last year. Why do I like this kid?

With a piece of bread in my hand and a coffee mug on the other, I went outside to meet the infamous playmate.

Me: Matty, sino yan? (Who’s the kid?)

Matty: (smiles at me)

Inggo: (comes near me and looks at my bread) uy! Β tinapay ba yan? akin na lang! (is that bread? give it to me!)

Me: (dumbfounded. I handed him the bread)

Inggo: (gets the bread) Matty, ate mo to? ganda ah! (Matty, is she your sister? she’s pretty!)

Me: LOL!

That kid is something. Isn’t he? He made my day today that’s why I love him. Haha! The kid feels comfortable in our house. Too comfortable I think that my mom got a little irritated. :))


He was caught getting chocolate candies in our jar today and he kept on asking to borrow and get stuff around the house. He is funny but I guess he won’t be hanging out here soon. It was nice meeting him though. πŸ™‚