Feb-ulous Challenge Day 1

Aaah. The love month has arrived again. Time really flies.

February is probably one of people’s, especially those in lurve, favorite month next to December. There is a sure overflow of flowers, chocolates, cuddly stuffed toys, exchange of googley eyes, cheesy-ness, and love sickness in the air.

As a tribute to the love month – and honestly as a distraction for myself – i’m challenging myself to another post-a-day challenge just like what I did for my August 2012: 1PAD Challenge. For this month, I will write one post everyday about things/people/or whatever random thing it is that I love. So let the “FEB-ulous Challenge” begin! πŸ™‚

I LOVE riding the train.


I know, I know, I’ve ranted a few times about how it sucked to ride the train (or commute for that matter) to and from school or work but I guess it’s a love/hate relationship. Well 8 out of the 10 times I take the train is still a good enough experience that I wouldn’t trade for say, an hour and a half bus ride along EDSA on a regular day. The train saves me a lot of time especially now that I work far and I mean really faaaaar from my house.

The best thing about it would probably be the people I ride the train with. Yes, there are the shoving types and and the stupid commuters, and it’s bothersome but if you’ve been commuting for most of your life, just like myself, you just get a laugh out of the stupid and sometimes crazy things that people do inside the train and think to yourself: “seriously?! dafuq?!”.

Here in the Philippines (for the benefit of my 3 non-Pinoy readers out of my 16 followers – thank you guys so much!), there’s a separate car for the males and females. I usually ride the first car together with all the girls, preggers, oldies, and the kids. The other day, as I sat in my usual spot, a kid with his dad entered and stood beside me. I didn’t offer my seat because I won’t get off until the last station and my bag was heavy (conscience says: woooo! EXCUSES!!! haha) anywho, the little boy stood there holding on to a hand rail. I found him really cute until he… started LICKING THE HAND RAIL! It was gross on so many levels and not only that, when the train stopped on one station, the little boy stooped down and touched the train’s floor. And worst, after touching the floor, he curiously looked at his dirty fingers and… LICKED IT! Seriously, kid?!Β The dad didn’t even stop him! (What the hell is wrong with parents these days?!) I had to close my eyes behind my shades and looked out the window after that. Poor kid. I don’t know if he’s hungry, bored, or both.

You’ll never know what kids are gonna do inside a train. They can be really cute with their big eyes just looking at you, annoying with their bawling inside the enclosed premises of the train, or be gross just like that little boy. Trains, kids, and their boredom and curiosity.Β  You just gotta love em.