One of the things I love most, next to reading books (NERD ALERT!) is watching movies. Actually, it was one of the reasons why I wanted to be a writer. I’m more of a chick flick/coming of age/comedy type of girl. I tend to shy away from watching dramas because I get really affected and I get all choked up. But. I’ve seen some dramatic flicks that I really liked and coincidentally most of them dealt with cancer. So today, I’ll give you my top 3 cancer movies.

#3 – A Little Bit of Heaven

I just saw this last night and I found myself in tears! The movie stars Kate Hudson as Marley. She’s pretty, has great friends, and seemed like she had a perfect life until she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Most people knew her as happy go lucky type of person so she had a hard time expressing how she really felt about her being sick. She eventually falls in love with her doctor played by Gael Garcia Bernal. In the end, she confronts her feelings about her divorced parents, fixes her relationships with her friends, learns how it is to love and be loved, and accepts the fact that she’s going to die.

#2 – 100

This is an Indie film that I came across early last year. It’s a well written story and the actors who played the characters really brought it to life. I actually wrote a review here. The story was about an accomplished woman named Joyce. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she only had 100 days to live. She made a bucket list of the things she needed to do before her time is up. With the help of her best friend Ruby, she sets out to settle the score with her first love, tell her mom she’s dying, and even arrange her very own funeral service. This movie made me laugh and cry. It’s definitely worth watching.

#1 – Life as a House

One of my favorite movies of all time. It’s about George Monroe played by Kevin Kline. A divorcee who was diagnosed with – ta-da – terminal cancer. Once he knew his condition, he decided to rebuild a house together with his one and only rebellious son, Sam, played by Hayden Christensen. As he rebuilt the house, he also rebuilt his relationships with the people who matter most to him.

This is a funny and heartwarming story of a father and a son. I first saw this with my brother and by the end of the film I was crying and he was all choked up. I recently got a copy of this movie and I still cry when I watch it.



I must admit, I only wanted to see this because of Joseph Gordon Levitt. BUT. It’s really a great movie. The dialogues were funny and the characters were endearing. I especially loved the potty mouthed best friend played by Seth Rogen. Unlike my top 3, this movie had a, well, better ending so go watch it. 🙂