It has been a very interesting week at The Office.

I am, I must admit, still learning the ropes. Writing my very first birthday VTR for a big celebrity kinda intimidated me. The script I made was revised and was approved. Unfortunately, it had to be overhauled so technically the VTR that aired wasn’t the one I wrote. But then again, who cares now, right?! On a positive note though, I at least know now that I can write a decent one even though it didn’t air.

This week, I also did another first by flooring (meaning holding the idiot boards for the host to read) the shoot of that very first VTR. Flooring sounds so easy, right? But it’s not. When you floor, you are basically the prompter. You have to be quick and you have to have steady hands. I haven’t done it up until yesterday so imagine my horror when I learned that none of the senior writers will be there plus an infamous director will do the shoot. I must have done something right though because luckily, there are people in the shoot who were very helpful and supportive. In the end, I survived my first VTR shoot. PHEW!

Coming from a marketing and sales background (although I’m a Communications Major. Yeah I know, the career path is sort of weird. haha!), I am at times like a deer caught in the headlights at my new work. It’s understandable, I guess. I try not to be too harsh on myself when I don’t get things right. Every task is a challenge these days. Everything is just so foreign as of the moment and I think there’ll be a lot of firsts that’ll be coming my way this year… ABANGAN!

To get a better understanding of my situation, here’s a visual peg for ya!

And I was like: HUH??

And I was like: HUH??


Today, I also did flooring for the live show for the first time and as a souvenir, I got a paper cut. OUCH! Something to remind me of this very interesting week.