I feel good today.

Rare. These days, at least.

It’s like I have this renewed view of my life’s present state. I mean, I’ve been kinda, sorta, like a Debbie Downer for a couple of weeks now and I just feel great that I find myself singing in the shower again. I’ve been so caught up with the worrying (surprise! surprise!) about things and i’m just almost two weeks into the year. How whack is that?! I guess my mind got tired of all the worries and the issues that one day I woke up and said, eff it! I choose to feel good today! It’s like I notice little things these past few days. Sometimes, it’s the little, and sometimes shallow, things that just cheered me up.

Little Thing #1

I woke up early the other day to check my email for the revisions I’ve been stressing over night. Lo and behold, no email. Zero. Nada. I was starting to get a little pissed about it really. I hate waiting on people. Anyway, to distract myself from totally sabotaging my day at 9AM, I flipped through the cable channels and heard this song:

It sounded familiar so I googled it and found the video online. I like the song. It’s very positive. I know the band from watching One Tree Hill back in college so I downloaded it and it’s stuck in my head. Major LSS. It’s like my theme song at the moment (i have this thing about having a theme song. Don’t ask. I got it from watching Ally McBeal. Look it up. :)) and having it play in my head calms me.

Little Thing #2

On my way to work the other day, around 11:25AM, I got stuck in traffic. I was getting panicky because I have to be in the office by 12NN and have I told you that I live in the South and my work’s way up North? Yeah. So I’m now checking my watch every minute. The traffic was getting to my nerves when I looked out and saw a mother with 2 kids on both her hands crossing the street. I was annoyed with the mother because one of her kids was on the danger side of the street but then my annoyance was replaced by “aaaaww, how cute!!” when I saw the little girl, stretch her hand out and said to the coming cars: “ops, teka lang, teka lang” as they cross the vehicle-packed street. I was smiling to myself as I rushed to get on the train to Quezon City and I didn’t even mind the rude lady shoving me to get inside the station.

Little Thing #3

Suits Season 3 Premieres on January 17. Need I say more? πŸ™‚

Little Thing #4

These past few days I’ve been developing a cellphone ringing anxiety. Whether calls or texts. I dread receiving messages asking suggestions for work stuff that should have been discussed during a more lengthy, and i mean loooong, meeting the other day. I feel like I get a mini-heart attack when I read a text at 9AM telling me that i’m needed to be at work in an hour. Today, is different. My phone rang and it read: “Meeting CANCELLED today”. OH JOY! Best.Text Message.EVER.

Little Thing #5

While I enjoy myself because of my freedom today (read little thing #4), I was multi-tasking reading and watching TV (it’s a talent hahaha!), I saw that Gossip Girl was about to go on the telly (on the telly, talaga?! haha) and what luck I have today… it’s the series FINALE! I wasn’t able to watch the latest season but I’m a fan of ChAir (Chuck+Blair). I don’t regularly watch the later seasons because it got too complicated and irritating to watch (who’s Serena with now?? Or Blair and Humphrey? Really?! Nate’s with Elizabeth Hurley?! What is up with that?!) Anyway, imagine my happiness, when I get to see the last episode that sums up everything and reveals the one thing that took 6 seasons to discover, who the ef is Gossip Girl? SPOILER ALERT!!! I’m happy because Chuck and Blair got married. FINALLY! And it turns out, Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl. I did not see that coming but this one I did –> He and Serena got hitched too.

Today is a good day. Just had to write this down. A few months from now, when I feel like quitting and giving up on whatever it is i’ll be doing then (may it be writing for TV for real or bumming around because it didn’t work out), I can read this and be reminded that sometimes I just have to breathe. Stop worrying and notice the little things that may be enough to make me feel better. πŸ™‚