People have been telling stories and warning us about entering the real world after graduating school. I have been a part of the working force ever since I graduated college and there are some things I have learned over the years:

The real world is just like high school.

For most people, high school was the best days of their lives. I am not most people. Although, I’ve had some fun high school memories, I still liked college better. Anyway, I have come to a realization that the real world is pretty much like high school. There are the popular kids, the bullies, the invisible kids, the suck-ups, the plastics, and of course the rumor mongers. I have come across all sorts of people from the nice ones to the mean ones. You can’t really choose the people you work with, thus, the justification of the group projects we all had to do back in high school and college. I remember being annoyed when we don’t get to pick group mates and you end up being stuck in a group of people you don’t really like. The real world is basically made up of the same people you went to high school with, only bigger and sometimes meaner. I guess, maturity doesn’t always come with age.

Some bosses can really be a pain.

I’ve met some nice and, erm, interesting bosses. I went through a phase of hating on a boss just like every single corporate slave out there. And just like everybody else who have had a chance to work and have a boss, I have a few stories that involves shouting, missed deadlines, ignored suggestions, unappreciated efforts, and undeserved scolding. Don’t get me wrong, there are great bosses too.  It’s just that, the memories with the not so good ones just happens to stick more, ya know. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in dealing with a boss, it’s that, they are always right even if they’re not so there is no use in battling it out. It’s best to choose your battles and be sure to be on the boss’ good side. 🙂

Right now, I’m on my third job and it’s relatively new. Still on adjustment mode really. There are still plenty of things to experience and lots of people to meet. Hopefully, the real world is not as scary as some make it seem. I mean, I survived high school, right? How bad can it really be?