Goose Fraba… Goose Fraba…

I’m a bad person.

Not really. Neurotic. Mean at times. Maybe?

I’m currently undergoing training for my new job. Yup! A new one in less than two months. I quit the other one and transferred to a better one. I think. I’m gonna be writing for TV now. Can you believe that? I can’t, but I’m excited.

Anywho. Going back to the training bit, I’ve met a whole lot of different people. It’s been fun but really tiring because it’s really far. Right now, I’d travel anywhere if it means not having to write another random article. That’s just me.

I’m a bad person because I laugh at some people. Inside my head. Ooops! That didn’t sound right. But I do. I secretly laugh at some individual’s antics, far fetched suggestions, and other non-sensical mumbo jumbo. I guess, I have to be more tolerant.

Oh don’t get me wrong. I’m not the best at anything. Not yet at least. But I’m pretty sure I’m way better than some. That’s if we’re comparing. Which we are totally not. Or are we? (What?! I think I’m losing it. HAHA)

So there, that is why I’m a bad person. I can be mean sometimes. Who isn’t, right? I just have to let it out, I guess. My mind can only take so much crap. I have enough of that and I don’t think I have space for other people’s crap inside my head. Let’s all think of this as my way of unloading.

Thanks for wasting your time with me. I appreciate it. You are awesome.

Anywho. I promise. Better posts are comin’. πŸ™‚