I’m on sick leave today.

The verdict will be next week and I’ve been doing shitty articles since Monday. You know what’s funny. I’m seated beside the editors and I can see them stroke their faces, or touch their temples, and put their hands together as if praying out of frustration. Damn! I might have really written down some stupid stuff. Haha!

Here’s what happened. I was writing an article for plumbing. Again. When the editor called me over. There was a confusion about certain terms I used for a product data management company (yeah, i know, what the hell does that company do?!). When I was writing that one, I must admit I was a little hung over still from my night out with my high school friends and this guy:


It was a really fun day, I must admit, BUT i kinda paid for it the day after. At work. So anyway, I was writing the article and I couldn’t think of juicy things to put in. The tequila was running in my veins, I was sleepy as hell, and my mind is occupied with all the singing, bowling, eating, and drinking that we did the night before (it was really awesome, though :)).

Tuesday came and I’m still a little bit out of it. It took me two hours to come up with a legit article for mortgages and loans. I’m sort of sucking right now. The editors always say that my sentences are too long with a whole lot of ideas in them and that I don’t let the reader breath. –> just like this one. Haha!

I don’t resent them  though. If I’d been there a few years back, I maybe would feel really bad for the criticisms but right now I think, they’re just doing their jobs. It’s nothing personal. I can’t be good at everything. I guess you have to be bad at it first before it gets better.

I don’t know if it’s still the tequila talking but i just needed time off of the roofing, plumbing, car dealerships stuff. Plus, I was really feeling sick this morning. Pinky promise. I don’t expect you to understand or like this post. I just gotta say it. Or post it? If I don’t get to sign another contract next week, I’m okay with that. If I do get to sign one though, I guess I’ll have to suck it up for a good 6 months before flaking out. The small talks are painful but the hours can be fast. If there’s some things I learned this week/weekend it’s this:

1. I suck at bowling.

2. I hate mortgages and loans.

3. The elevator rides in my new office building suck.

4. Never EVER drink tequila on a Sunday night. Cause payback’s a bitch.


5. A hang over is worth it if you did the shots with old friends. 🙂

PS. If you’re thinking about the point of all of this, stop. Just stop. Because it doesn’t have any. Mmkay. Thanks. Bye.