Tomorrow, I believe the job hunt is officially over… for now. I start work tomorrow. Yay or Nay?! I might be looking at this all wrong but I’m a little anxious about going back to work. If I’m being perfectly honest. I guess, the start is always the hardest.

Maybe because I’ve been cooped up inside the safety and worry-free zone of my home that I feel a little nervous about going back out there. I tend to over analyze and doubt myself. Which is never good but I think only natural at this point. Tomorrow, I’m gonna start work as a writer. If I get pass the first month, I might probably be a writer for a living. WHOA. It’s very different from what I’ve been doing for the past 3 years but it’s something that, I THINK, i know how to do. I’m afraid that I might fail. If I do, it would probably shatter my self-esteem because I’ve been convincing myself that this is what I always wanted and that I’m meant to do. What if I can’t do it?

Then again, what if I can? So I sit here with my over thinking cap on and I realize that the only thing keeping me from getting all excited about this new chapter is me and my unnecessary bad habit of over thinking things. I don’t know a lot of things and over thinking it wouldn’t actually help know anything. I may suck at the new job or I may be good at it. Who the hell knows? I wouldn’t know unless I try, right? I have to go to work tomorrow with the right attitude and just do it. This is not a competition against anybody or a contest to impress some people, this is about me competing against myself and killing over thinking before it ruins me. What’s the worst that can happen?