1 Post A Day Challenge – Entry #20

Annyeong Haseyo!

That’s “Hello” in Korean. My mom is a little bit obsessed with anything and everything Korean. She spends most of her free time watching marathons of her favorite Koreanovelas. Sometimes she’d even surf the net for the synopsis of the stories or the backgrounds of the actors and actresses. Which girl groups the actresses belong to or if the actors have already gone into the army (apparently, it’s compulsory for the guys to join the army in Korea).

Yoona from Girls Generation. I’ve seen her in a lot of shows that my mom watches.

Rain a.k.a. Ninja Assassin is an actor and singer rolled into one. He’s currently in the army… I think.

She is such a fan girl. Our cable subscription was upgraded just so she can watch KBS and Arirang. We would sometimes sit through reality shows, movies, singing competitions, game shows, all in Korean (with subtitles of course)! Our cupboards are also loaded with Korean noodles because she’s been obsessed with it as well. She got it from watching too many shows with people eating those noodles. During the first few weeks, it was still very tasty and delicious but now we would have Korean noodles at least twice a week for breakfast sometimes even for dinner. Bleck.

Noodles! Slurp! Slurp!

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but she has actually converted even my dad. My DAD?! Before, they’d fight over it but surprisingly now even my dad sits in to watch too. At first, I thought he wasn’t paying attention to it but one time I heard him actually give a juicy comment about the show.


Dad: Naku! Bakit kasi pumapayag siya na pakialam ng magulang nya ang buhay nya?!Β (Hmp! Why is he allowing his parents to meddle with his life?!)

Mom: Sinabi mo pa! Pero ganun kasi sa Korea. May say ang parents sa mapapangasawa.Β (You know it! But you see in Korea, the parents have strong opinions about who their children marry.)

Seriously?! Affected much? Haha. I guess, it’s generally a good thing. It’s good that my mom and dad has something to do together. I still cringe though when my mom starts to swoon over those K-Pop artists and actors like a 12-year old fan girl. She’s even worse than I am sometimes. Come to think of it, maybe I got that Fan Girl gene from her?! :))

FAN GIRL MODE: My personal favorite Jo In-Sung from “Memories of Bali”. *swoon*