1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #19

I had a very tiring day yesterday so I spent most of this day sleeping. I’m not the type who sleeps a lot. I actually find it weird that some people think that sleeping qualifies as a “hobby”. Even when I was a kid, I seldom do siesta (the afternoon nap that we were forced to take when we were kids). According to my lola and former yaya, I had to take afternoon naps if I wanted to grow taller.

I don’t know any child who wants to take afternoon naps. As a kid, it was impossible for me to will myself to take a nap especially if the sun is brightly shining and I can play outside. My sitters (sometimes it would be my lola, tita, or yaya) successfully made me and my cousins eventually take a nap after terrorizing our young innocent minds with exaggerated stories. These stories basically says that if we do not sleep in the afternoons, we will never grow up and we’ll stay children forever. There was even this one time when they told us that if I didn’t sleep, a bumbay will get me, put me in a sack and then later chop me into pieces and put me in a siopao to be eaten. Later on, I learned that a bumbay is not exactly a monster but a person who hails from India and has a lending business called 5 6 (five, six). I don’t know where they got the idea for those stories but during those times it definitely worked. I even remember pretending to sleep just because I was so afraid of being 6 years old forever and being a siopao filling.

Crazy stories huh? Looking back at those stories, it makes me laugh and actually a little duped. It does sound silly now but we fell for it and they got us good. I’d compare stories with my friends and it’s funny that they have similar experiences. I gotta say, our parents, grandparents, and nannies, were very creative with coming up with these myths. I wonder what myths my generation will come up to make our kids take afternoon naps?