1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #18

The day is almost up and I must post something for my 18th entry of the month! So this is going to be very short.

I just came home from a fun-filled trip with my friends. We all met at my first job but most of us have gone our separate ways and into different companies. Fortunately, we all managed to take the time off from our busy schedules (actually they are the busy ones, not me. haha!) and spent one whole day together.

They say it’s difficult to find friends after you graduate from school. Maybe because the world is a very diverse and complicated environment. It’s harder to find people who have the same wavelength as you. The sorts who’ll get the sarcasm and wouldn’t feel alienated or offended. The group of people who will not laugh at you but will laugh along with you. Someone who’ll understand that true friends make fun of each other not because their mean but because in some weird cosmic way it sort of strengthens the bond. In short, it’s hard to find somebody who you can hang out with period.

I feel good though because I can safely say that I still found good ones after I graduated. I’m one of the youngest in the group but I think age is just a number not only in love but also in friendship. Aren’t I lucky to find a group of people who share the same insanity with me? We can sit around in a circle (just like what I did back in high school) for hours chatting about how our work or our day sucked and eventually turn the supposedly pity party into a laughing frenzy. My friends are truly awesome. What can I say, awesome people attract each other. 🙂