1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #17

Patience is underrated. I’m not a very patient person myself but as I grow older it proves to be a really good virtue to actually have. Not because my parents and all the books told me so but because it is true. I think that a person needs tremendous self-control and awareness to have patience.

Most things and situations ask for us to wait ergo the need to be patient. If you want to retain your sanity, you need to have a little, if not a lot, of patience going into this journey called life. Sucks, I know. I wait for a lot of things and just like most people I am impatient. Must be because of the fact that this society I live in constantly reminds me that the world is fast changing and I have to run if I want to keep up.

I am on the look out for my second job. I would go to interviews, do my best, feel like I knocked it out the park, and then patiently wait for the companies to call me back. I’d like to think that I’m doing it and handling it better than the first time I was on the job hunt. I haven’t mastered it (who has, right??) or anything but I’d like to think that I’ve become better at it. Before, I’d get so frustrated and disappointed. I felt like I was waiting for something that may never come. Eventually, all worries and doubts were put to rest when the oh-so-elusive first job arrived.

Once again, I am plunged into the uncertainty of unemployment and back into the waiting game that is the job hunt. Sometimes I still get frustrated and impatient. Fortunately, I think I’ve had enough experiences and mishaps involving rash decisions and impatience that led me to believe in the saying that patience is indeed a virtue. After you’ve done everything to make things happen, the next best thing to do is to patiently wait for results. Everything has its perfect timing. Believe that good things truly come to those who wait because they do.