1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #16

I’m really not athletic. Sometimes, I wish was though. I remember dreading practical exams in PE. I sucked at basketball, volleyball, and everything else that involved throwing or catching a ball. The only sport in PE that  I actually had a chance of passing was badminton and chess. When I was in college, I did get a little bit interested in basketball because of the NCAA and the whole school spirit thingy. The varsity players – who scored in games, failed the exams, won the hearts of many kolehiyalas – were also a contributing factor.

Now, the time I watch sports is when it’s part of a TV show or movie that I like so today I’ll give you my Top 5 Favourite Fictional Athletes. 🙂

1. #16 – Shane Falco – The Replacements (2000)

Shaaane Faaalco! ❤

I’ve never seen a real football match, ever. I’ve seen a lot of it in movies though so I know that a touch down is worth 7 points. I also know that players are called quarterbacks and running backs. That’s everything that I know about it but what I do know is that Shane Falco is one of the best looking quarter backs as far as fictional and non-fictional athletes go. The movie, The Replacements, is one of the movies I’ve watched over and over again. It’s about a bunch of replacement players hired by the owners when the pro players went on strike.

2. # 23 Lucas Scott – One Tree Hill

The artsy, broody, basketball star.

One of my favorite shows (up until Lucas and Peyton left) was One Tree Hill. It’s basically about high school, relationships, and basketball. Aside from being a good basketball player (although his brother, Nathan Scott is better)  he is also a teenage girl’s dream boyfriend. He’s a little emotional and broody with a whole lot of daddy issues! He’s got the right amount of drama in his life that every teenage girl subconsciously wants. Above it all, he’s just a sweet guy who writes letters to woo girls! Altogether now: Aaaaww. ❤

3. #9 Bobby Boucher – WaterBoy

“I love my momma!”

Bobby Boucher started out as the team’s water boy but eventually it was discovered that he was good at tackling people which is important in foozball (that’s how his momma calls it). It’s a funny story of how Bobby rises up to the challenges of playing football, of learning (I learned what the medulla oblongata was because of this movie), and of convincing his momma that foozball is not the devil.

4. #18 Connie Moreau – The Mighty Ducks

Preach it, sister!

Mighty Ducks, the sports movie of my childhood. The story is actually about their coach Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) who was a lawyer who became the Ducks’ coach as a form of community service. I liked Connie because she’s the only girl in a hockey team which is awesome! We all loved Charlie Conway and the whole team too. Whenever it’s on cable I still watch it. Quack! Quack! Quack!

5. Daniel Larusso – Karate Kid

Uh oh! Watch out, it’s the killer move. 

Before Jaden Smith’s Jacket On and Jacket Off. It was the iconic wax on and wax off of the original Mr. Miyagi who saved Daniel San’s (Ralph Macchio) ass from being kicked by bullies. This movie was actually made before I was even born but when I saw it I must admit I develop a little crush on the Karate Kid. I cringed and aaawwed and ooohed along a lot of girls during the tournament.

Maybe I should take on a sport. Tennis? Boxing? Running? Oh who am I kidding. I’m sticking to chess, where the chances of me getting hit in the face or injuring any part of my body is very unlikely to happen. Better yet I’ll just cheer you on while you all sweat it out. Woohoo! Go Team!