1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #13

I’ve been to one exam and two job interviews for three different companies in a span of nearly two months. It’s not much, I know. It’s just that I’m still waiting on the result of my grad school application so I’m not putting all efforts into the job hunt.

Anyway, I was on another appointment for a writing stint today so after that I ended up walking around the busy streets of Makati Business District. I used to hate walking around a lot – I still do sometimes – but today was different maybe because it wasn’t too hot out. There is a calming effect in walking along the streets with the tall buildings and busy people chatting away on their phones minding their own business or just briskly walking maybe to a meeting or something (I wish I wore better shoes though. Gotta get me some of those comfy fashionable shoes, does that exist?!).

I didn’t really understood the “walking outside to clear my head” concept before but today I think I just did. I wasn’t thinking really. I paced myself not to walk too fast so I wouldn’t have to catch my breath or not too slow either so I wouldn’t look like a weirdo. It was calming, soothing even. Weird, right? The weather’s probably messing with my head again.

Anywho, I felt good today. I’m not expecting to get the writing stint though. Actually, I’ve learned to not expect too much about things. Finally… Score! (I can hear my professors, literary scholars, and everybody else who taught us not to expect hoot for joy with this achievement) Expecting is a hard habit to break, I must say. Being able to lessen, if not diminish, expectation is hard but it’s way better. Beats getting disappointed.  That’s the whole theme of my quest to find “greener pastures”. I guess, if we stop expecting and we just move forward something good will eventually turn up. Wow. I got all that just by walking outside. Maybe I should walk and stroll outside more often. Maybe you should too. Who knows, we might go far. 🙂

No Expectations. Just Moving Forward.