1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #7

Our village, along with 90 percent of Metro Manila is submerged in flood. Last night before I went to bed, I saw that the street in front of my house has knee-deep water. I wasn’t able to sleep right away because, although the flood will not reach our house, I was worried about my aunt who lived a few blocks away. The geography of the village is very weird, it may only be knee-deep on our street but a street down it’s probably waist-deep. When I woke up, my told me my aunt was okay and the flood was gone. But. The rain kept on coming so right now, the flood is back. Here are some photos I was able to take:

View from our terrace.

View from our front door.

Some places actually have it worst. According to the news, there are some locations with 10 feet deep of flood. Classes are suspended as well as the government and private offices. Rescue operations are on going. I just pray that the rain would stop already. I know that affected Filipinos around the nation will survive this.