1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #6

Landscape Photography Kuno. :))

As you may have noticed, I hate the rainy season. I automatically associate rain with gloom and bed weather is not as appealing to me as to others. It has been raining here for almost 3 weeks now and I think the sun has sneaked a peek about thrice at the most during the previous weeks and it sucks. I must admit, I miss the Sun. I really do. 😦 So with nothing to do, I flipped through my old photos and came across these photos that captured the wonderful weather.

Way back in college, I had a Radio/TV production class. We had to do an educational program for grade school kids that talks about Haiku. The photo above was taken during one of the video shoots. I remember it was a particularly good day for a location shoot. It’s my favorite kind of weather, sunny and windy (unlike the weather for the past weeks!). Makes you want to sit back on your lounge chairs and just chill. If there’s a playlist that can make you feel infinite, just like Nick & Norah’s, I think there’s also a weather that makes you feel that too. For me, this is it. You stand still and feel the sun shining on you and then a breeze hits your face. It’s just so awesome. That is what a good day should be.

These photos were taken at the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center in Quezon City. Who knew there’s a place like that in the middle of the busy streets of Quezon City. We did the shoot there because we needed a sort of Japanese inspired structure and we needed the nature-feel for the Haiku discussion.

The weather proved to be unpredictable especially that day because after a few hours of this beautiful weather, it poured like it’s nobody’s business. We had to re-shoot 3 freakin’ times. You can just imagine my outrage but fortunately, we still finished it just in time for submission. The finished Educational TV Show was called: “The Adventures of Caloy & Kikay: Space Traveler’s Guide to Afro-Asian Literature”. I wanted to post the video of the output but my internet connection’s being a pain right now so maybe next time. 🙂

The one and only behind the scenes photo I was able to take.

Directing, writing, and baby sitting your group mates all at the same time was an experience that is definitely gonna occupy some serious space in my memory bank. Twas fun , in a way, and very memorable. Whenever the weather is sunny and windy, it kinda brings me back to those days and I feel young and infinite. 🙂