1 Post A Day Challenge – ENTRY #2

A few weeks back, I got my paper back copies of the Hunger Games Trilogy. I saw the movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth. I kind of liked it so when my friends emailed me a copy of the e-books I said, why not. I read the Hunger Games e-book version and as expected it’s way better than the movie because it’s obviously more detailed. I think seeing the movie helped me appreciate the books even more because I already had an idea of what it all should look like.

After reading the first book, I fell in love with Peeta Mellark and got hooked. How can you not love him? He’s selfless, very sweet, artistic and sensitive. He’s Prince Charming personified! He’s not wimpy but he’s sensitive. He’s strong but he’s not a douche. He’s perfect BUT fictional. So that’s that for dreaming of Peeta Mellark. Too bad he’s fictional. Anyway, me being a sucker for cheesy romantic stuff, Peeta’s dialogues and the moments with Katniss were golden! My reading experience was filled with ooohs and aaawws. Thanks to him I can’t put the books down and I feel like I can’t read fast enough. I want to know what happens next.

Katniss. Aaah she’s this broody 17 year old girl who runs the show. I liked Katniss. I felt like she was annoying at times because she was this over-thinking jaded teenager and Peeta’s always at the end of her PMS and coldness. I can’t blame her though. She’s been through a lot with her father’s death, Prim being reaped and volunteering and being in the games. (Read the book, I can’t describe the games but its torture. Not totally gory but just plain power trip harsh). I got irritated when she couldn’t accept the fact that she likes Peeta but then again I know someone like that. Haha! Sometimes, it’s hard to admit that you like (or even love) someone. Why do I think that, you ask? That question would probably be answered in future entries with a different subject. 🙂

Other than Peeta, my favorite character would be Haymitch. I also think that Woody Harrelson was the best person to play that role. He’s this dysfunctional alcoholic mentor. You’d think that he’s just an asshole but after learning the things that the Capitol did to him and his loved ones you’ll understand why he is the way he is.

Haymitch Abernathy

Gale was also one of the main characters. He’s part of the Peeta-Katniss-Gale love triangle. It’s obvious that I’m Team Peeta but Gale is also kilig­-worthy. He’s this typical macho handsome dude. Let’s put it this way, if they belong to a clique in school, Peeta would be a member of the drama club and Gale would be part of the basketball varsity team and Katniss would probably be a loner brooding somewhere in the school campus. I think Gale and Katniss would have been together even before the games started if only they said what they really meant. I feel like, even in real life, we all end up being unhappy because we don’t say what we really mean and sometimes we don’t mean what we say. I don’t want to be a spoiler but you probably have an idea who ends up with Katniss.

I love Peeta! He loves Katniss. She loves Gale? Yeah, they’re screwed like that.

Anyway, I liked the trilogy because the concept of them being in this reality show – the Hunger Games were televised in all of Panem – appealed to me. I’m a reality show junkie. I watch everything from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to the Sing-Off. It’s a story of tyranny, power-struggle, deception, family and love. My favorite book would be the 2nd installment, Catching Fire. I finished the 3rd book, Mockingjay, in five days! Once you start reading, it’s hard to put it down. You’d want to know what happens next. It’s actually a good read but it’s still no Harry Potter but I liked it nonetheless. Have a go at it and may the odds be ever in your favor. 🙂