August has begun. The start of a new month makes me feel hopeful and enthusiastic about starting new things. It makes me feel giddy, like anything is possible and it’s a great start to do something. So today, I’ll be challenging myself to post one entry a day for the whole month of August. I shall call it: “1PAD (1 Post A Day) Challenge”.

Today is a special day not only because of the launch of my 1PAD Challenge but also because it’s my big brother’s birthday. Like most brothers and sisters, we have a love/hate relationship. When we were younger, we’d always fight. I can’t actually remember the reasons why we fought but I remember him being so mad at me this one time so he threw me a monobloc chair. Good thing I ducked so he missed. We had this sibling rivalry thing which I think is inevitable but eventually we outgrew that and it’s us against whoever now. We can hate on each other but we do not allow others to hate on us. We have each others backs. Get it? Got it? Good!

Back off… or else! 😛

He’s grumpy but very sweet and generous to our parents especially. It’s just that he has a very subtle and unconventional way of showing it. He’s actually sweeter than I am but I’m definitely the funnier one. He hasn’t kicked anybody’s ass for me… yet, but he promised me he would so I’ll keep you posted on that one.

In a few months, he’ll be marrying his fiancé and he’ll be moving out too. I just want to say, thanks for leaving me with our cranky and weird parents, dude! You owe me for that one. Haha. Nah. Just kidding. I’m happy that he has found someone who he can spend his life with. For his big 3-0, I couldn’t wish for anything more. He’s happy and in love. Happy happy birthday, big brother! I love you. 🙂