Social media has been a big part of our lives. If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, you probably live under a rock or you are one of my parents. My parents don’t have one because I forbid them to have one. Making them a Facebook account would be like intentionally banging my head on a wall. Anyway, I was browsing my news feed and found the usual posts. Some were expected, interesting and funny. Others, overbearing and sometimes inappropriate. To better understand the things that I’m saying, I give you my list of the 5 Facebook Friends We All (probably)ย Have:

1. The Oversharer

“Omigosh, my period is so severe it’s like a river flowing” Eeeeww. I know right? It’s not exactly an update that you’d want to see. I haven’t really actually had a Facebook friend post this but I’ve seen posts ย that are running along this line. Posts with too much description of where you are or what you are doing or who you’re doing it with is a little excessive. We all want to be updated with your life that’s why we dded you as friend and it’s cool to share your life but it is so uncool to overshare. TMI = not cool.

2. The Mowdels

They’re usually the ones who love posting pictures of themselves. Most of it are actually vanity shots. They have a bagillion photos of themselves in front of a mirror taking a picture of themselves. There are some who really commit to posing. Thanks to America’s Next Top Model, we could all smize our way to a perfect profile picture.

Common poses would be the:

a. Jeje Shot – outstretch the arm holding the camera. Place it on top of your head, angled 45 degrees down to your “pa-cute” face. My cousins call it the Jeje Shot because we tagged our younger cousins as Jejemons and they super love this pose.

b. Tounge Sticking Out – aah. Basically that. Sometimes accompanied by a wink. The tongue usually sticks out on the corner of the mouth. It might be from those anime that kids watch a lot. I dunno.

c. Peace Sign and its variations – I am guilty of doing the Japan Sign (peace sign with your arms outstretched) and the Korean Sign (peace sign placed sideways close to your eyes) cause it’s fun and wholesome compared to the peace sign placed against your mouth with your tongue sticking out. I’m pretty sure it means something else.

d. Vanity Shots – guys usually have a photo topless or probably wearing gym clothes taking a photo with their flexed muscles. Maybe because they want to see if the workout pays off or something. Sometimes I think it’s gay BUT what do I know right? The girls on the other hand, do the pa-sexy shots and sometimes it doesn’t come out that way. Some would involve some cleavage and other provoking poses and sometimes I feel ashamed… in their behalf.

I find it particularly funny when after posting a pretty decent if not good photo of themselves they place a self- deprecating title for the photo like they’re fishing for compliments. Posting photos of yourself or anything you like is perfectly fine just ask yourself before hitting that post button: “If my mom/dad/lolo/lola would see this, would it be okay?”

3. ย The Spammers

They’re the ones sharing those pictures of kids with sickness asking for help or links of scandals of celebrities and the like. I hate it. Especially the gory ones. I feel sorry for the people in the photo, if it’s really the case (if it’s not photo shopped) and it’s like exploitation. Also, I open my Facebook during lunch time in the office and it’s not a pretty sight to see before eating lunch.

4. The PDA’s

As mentioned in one of my posts about the 5 Types of Concert Goers, there are also PDA’s on Facebook. Maybe they just can’t contain their love for each other. That’s okay I guess. Like posting sweet nothings on special occasions or at random times could really sweep some love bugged individual off their feet but sometimes it’s just too much. I think if you really want to say something why not call or text each other. The whole world doesn’t need to know. Plus, it saves you from embarrassment especially if you guys unfortunately don’t end up with each other. Imagine the tons of photos and statuses on your timeline open for possible prospects to see. But again, what do I know. Who knows I might be cheesy on Facebook too.

5. The Ranters

Aaah. The angst ridden, emo, negative, always angry Facebook friend. We are all, at some point, guilty of posting rants or lashing out on social media. I especially set up my Twitter account just so I can rant all day long without any of my co-workers knowing it (it didn’t last long though, we all ended up following each other too so that’s that). I have this Facebook friend who probably posts 4 negative things out of 5. The Ranters hate on the weather (I do too. Sometimes. :)), on their boyfriend/girlfriend’s exes, their work, their diets, even on their lives. It’s too much bad vibes. I usually hide them on my news feed just so I won’t see them clouding my news feed with their BS about how our lives are better than theirs.

You probably know 1 or 2 of those people. Facebook is actually a guilty pleasure for me. Sometimes, I just love seeing the updates especially on old high school crushes or seeing friends having cute babies or just keeping in touch and catching up on people (which is what it’s supposed to be). There are times, I kick myself in the head for going online just to see people brag about their lifestyles or just posting things mentioned above. Though these people are sometimes worthy of sarcastic comments and public bashing we can’t hate on them or stay offline. Ever. Being offline is like living in a cave. You do miss out on a lot so even though there are some, uhm, interesting characters, we stay online. Live and let live I guess. Plus, there’s always the block, hide, and unfriend button. ๐Ÿ™‚

PS. Do you have interesting Facebook friends too? I’d like to hear from you. Sound off in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚