The house is definitely a lot quiet now. I’m at home on a Saturday night (surprise, surprise!) with my parents. The three of us in this big house. My cousins moved out. After 25 years of living together and literally growing up together. They. Moved. Out. It just sunk in I guess.

Last night, they were moving their stuff and I try not to really think about the fact that they’re moving. Then, my tita started to cry in between folding blankets. I told myself I wouldn’t cry, it’s not like we’re not going to see each other ever cause we ARE family anyway, but I couldn’t help it. It’s heartbreaking. We are all known to be very melodramatic so please forgive the water works. I don’t want it to be harder than it already is so I went around the back and when I saw Bestfriend Goldie, she started crying too and we hugged it out.

I miss you already!

It’s very bittersweet. I guess all goodbyes, whether temporary or permanent, is always ALWAYS bittersweet. It’s sad because, as mentioned, we have lived together for 25 years. We grew up together. Spent every birthday together. Played together in our big (and now empty) yard and fought with each other. There are more than 2 decades worth of memories of me and my cousins in this house and I’m awfully sad that I won’t be seeing them whenever I want. There’s nobody to trade ulam with or ask for fresh cooked rice. I can’t borrow sanitary pads anymore or ask for extra laundry detergent. It’s those simple things that makes me miss them big time.

BUT. I am very much happy for them because now, they have their very own house. A place they can call their own home. There’ll be no nagging from my dad anymore and they’ll be able to have their own rooms. They won’t worry about leaks and the flood when it starts to rain hard. They’ll have a bigger and better place. All those things are what makes it a little easier to bear.

I guess, at one point, all of us will need to move out or move on (whatever’s necessary). My brother will get married soon. My cousins will eventually grow up. My aunts and uncles will move to different places. But I know it will all be for the best. Change is difficult but it’s good. If there’s one important thing to gain from all this, it’s the fact that all family reunions from here on out will definitely be extra special. That always works out for everybody. 🙂