I realized that most of the things we do and don’t do is born out of fear. In school, we get peer pressured into doing a whole lot of stupid things because we’re afraid that we won’t fit in. At home, we follow our parents even if it means missing out on stupid (but relevant) teenage things because we’re afraid to get punished and sometimes we’re just afraid to disappoint them. In the office, you follow whatever the boss says because you’re afraid to loose your job. In relationships, it’s either you settle for somebody who’s just okay or you stick around in a destructive relationship just because you’re afraid to be alone. You’re too afraid of what others may or may not say. You’re afraid of the things that could and couldn’t happen. You’re afraid of everything that you find yourself in a standstill.

One day you wake up, see everyone you know doing something with their lives being the persons they want to be then you ask yourself: “what happened to me?”. You blame everything and everyone but yourself. When in fact, you exactly know what happened to you and it’s all your doing.

We forget that sometimes… that we’re responsible for our lives. We wait and we wait for a perfect moment to live our lives and make fear as an excuse to sit around. I know that because i’m a coward too. I live in fear. Fear of failure. Fear of falling in love. Fear of taking risks.ย Fear of making mistakes. Fear of disappointing people and myself.ย Fear of not being what people expect me to be. And… it sucks.

I don’t exactly know how to get over the fear (of anything, for that matter). But this i know, i try and remind myself, the way that i remind my friends who come to me for help. I just keep on thinking that, these are all parts and parcel of this crazy world we live in. It’s a challenge. Something that we HAVE to encounter and MUST overcome. It’s just sometimes we forget that we shouldn’t let our fear overcome us. The only way around it is through it.