Five solid days of bumming around. It’s gonna be over soon because as we all know, all good things must come to an end.  When i was younger, so much younger than today (d’you sing it too? haha), Holy Week meant nothing good is on TV (wala pang cable nun) well except the 7th Heaven Marathon we watch on Studio 23 (aaaww the Campdens), staying at home and be bored because we can’t play outside because according to my Lola, God bless her soul, if you get wounded during the Holy Week it won’t heal because Christ is dead. But i knew she was pulling our legs when one Holy Wednesday during the mid 90’s my cousins and I could not resist the temptation of the smiling sun and open yard waiting for us to come and play. We defied all the Holy Week “rules” and played tumbang preso. Then just like juicy karma, the tin can flew in the air and the open side landed on my knee and there was blood. After that, I seriously thought I was gonna die of blood loss or something but then after a few weeks i learned that i shouldn’t have been worried about it not healing because it happened during Holy Week but instead i should have been worried about my parents sermon and their litany  about getting tetanus.

Fast forward to today, my Holy Week is still sort of the same. So what went down during my 5-day house arrest…er… i mean, long weekend/vacation/holy week celebration?

Day 1

I finally got around to cleaning my room. 🙂 That made me, especially my mom, very happy. Threw out all the junk and my study table now looks more like a study table and less of a land fill. I can now see my books in their neat rows. 🙂

Day 2

Went to church and did the Way of the Cross and learned to braid my hair. Can you see it? I’m starting to get bored.

Day 3

My parents are starting to drive me crazy. My cousins are all out of town, so the 4 of us are left in the house. I guess, it’s been a really long time since the four of us had the house to ourselves (we usually have a lot of people around. our house is sometimes like an orphanage or half way house. we have relatives… lots of em). Just to get away, i decided to clean out my closet…

Garage sale anyone?

Because i am seriously about to loose my mind, i had to call my friends and hang out to keep me sane…

Breakfast sa Gabi kasama ang tropa. 🙂


Wouldn't be complete without the DVDs

No tambay is complete without pigging out. :9

Day 4

I finally finished reading 1 of the 3 books i started this year… YAY!

It's best to ask Hector. 🙂

This one’s next on my book list…

Found this book and saw that the author was Pinay so i HAVE TO read it. 🙂 Pinoy Pride... hopefully. 🙂

Most importantly i found a new love…

Ben & Jerry's is LOVE. ❤

Day 5

The last day of my fleeting vacation. BOO!

Sitting in front of my laptop and recounting the things i did during the past few days, I can’t help but think about how I missed being a bum. No alarm clocks, hurried showers, early morning traffic, i don’t even have to dress up. Best part of this vacation would probably be the quiet time to think. Believe it or not, i found time to think and reflect. We’ll all be snapping back to reality in a few hours but at least we’re recharged and ready to brave through the long hours in the office.