Just another ordinary Thursday. Not. Well it was supposed to be. But when i woke up this morning something was off. And it rained. Great. I’m blaming all the congratulatory posts in facebook. Oh but don’t take offense, i’m happy for all of you, it’s not you… it’s me. Made me very nostalgic. That and the rain is the perfect mix for me having an internal battle with the emo self i have kept locked inside my head. Now i’m sounding crazy. Haha.

Seeing the graduation fever (damn facebook!) makes me nostalgic. It kind of reminds me of all the exams i had to study for. The projects we stressed over for weeks. The all nighters – which was not all bad because the action and fun is found in overnight cramming sessions. Believe me. I know. Then the friends, the experiences, and all the fun. You cannot not miss it. To be young and carefree and being able to get away with anything

Three years ago, at this very same day, a nerdy pimply kid with super high hopes and scared shitless of the future graduated from college. Fast forward to today, that kid is still a nerd sans the eye glasses, a little less pimply (thank goodness!), continues to hope, still scared shitless of the future but i’d like to think a little wiser.

When you enter the “real world” you’ll be rejected, disappointed, and you’ll say to yourself: “dammit, i thought i had it all figured out” but you know what don’t fret. The good thing is, you will learn that everybody has their share of rejection and disappointment. And believe it or not, NOBODY has it all figured out too.Β I may not be very successful yet but i know i’ll get there one day.

Kudos to all of us who survived school. It was one hell of a ride.