Part of my 2012 goals was to go back to school and take my masters degree. Last week, my very good friend Queen and I trooped to the University Belt to look for possible schools. I took a leave from the office to scout for schools and also to go back to my old college to hang out with some of my friends.

We met at the “dating tagpuan” which is the LRT 1. The LRT 1 is just a simple public transport to you but for me and Queen, it’s something very reminiscent of our college life. We actually bonded and maybe even became friends because of it (I’ll tell that story probably on another post). For 4 straight years, we went to and from school together and rode that train we love to hate. A lot of memories I tell you. Anywho, going back to the whole school hunting thing, we went to Benilde and found out that we should go to La Salle –Mainfor the graduate school courses. We ended up walking under the scorching heat of Friday mid-morning sun from Vito Cruz to almost Quirino in search of Brother Andrew (well we kinda joked around and looked for Brother Andrew, for those of you who don’t know Brother Andrew, well I guess he was once alive – or is he still living? I do not know – is one of the school’s Halls which is located very far from the place where we were at first. Once there, we went to the admissions office and did the asking.

I didn’t tell my friend but actually we didn’t have to go through the trouble of physically going there because we could’ve easily gotten the information in the internet but I just want to do it old school and have a feel of the campus plus I also want to hang out with my friends and leave the office for a little bit. You can read about what we did, where we were, and who we’re with in this post.

I also looked into a couple of other schools because I wanted to have a lot of options. Here’s the summary of my school hunt:

La Salle PROs

–         nearest to my house

–         good school (curriculum and facilities)

–         they offer creative writing (well I think I want to do this one)

–         queen’s probably going there too

–         lots of eye candy (haha!)

La Salle CONs

–         might be a little too sashal for my rakenrol taste (hihihi)

–         lots of eye candy (hahahaha!)



–         good school = quality education

–         the tuition is somewhat same with La Salle


–         the only Masters Degree they offer is Communication Management, I’m not sure if I want to take up that one specifically

–         the location is not as accessible as I would like (although Intramuros is a cool place)



–         Most people think the students are very radical and are always rallying but it’s actually a pretty good school. My mom went to college there and a cousin of mine did too.

–         They offer a long list of possible courses for the Master’s degree

–         The tuition fee is insanely AFFORDABLE! Php 200.00 per unit, do the math!


–         it’s far from home

–         the area is not as safe as when my mom was still studying there… some 30 years ago

So there, I’ve been thinking about it. I’m thinking about what course do I really want? I feel like I really want to write. There’s a warm fuzzy feeling when you see your name printed somewhere or when you know that people actually read and appreciate the things you have to say about…well, things. Plus, it has always been a dream of mine to write for movies or TV. Do I have the skills to be a writer? That is still up for debate and exactly the reason why I need to study right? And, if I end up sucking as a writer I could always teach, right? Am I babbling? I’m babbling. Anyway, I’m also thinking what if I take up Masters in Advertising or PR or something? It would help when I apply for a position in a corporate set up. Wouldn’t it? It’s more stable… but boring. Would it be? I just can’t picture myself 10 years from now seated in a boring desk job somewhere but whose to know?! I might just be that person.

Whatever it is I’m going to do, I’m bound to figure this out before this year ends, by hook or by crook! Haha! The answer will come to me. My over thinking gets in the way of making sound decisions so I guess it’s best to sleep on it. I’m gonna have to ask my counsel for advice. Hihi. I’ll keep y’all posted. 🙂